My Favorite Shuffler's !

24 Responses to “Mikki,Sacco,Rocky Compilation”

  1. lol 1 year later gets song name… -_- just found you comment but here it is son –
    DJ Gius – V Like Venusian (Bass Ball Mix) 😀

  2. Ikilledbenladen says:

    You forgot Wing, T1m, Traktor, Instinct, Francis, Bulldog and a shitload of others.

  3. Abreew Hernàndez says:

    Shufflerz Legends

  4. francis and moonboy were insane back then… they are still awesome

  5. haha so they are everywhere xD

  6. Dom Shuffles says:

    Oh yeah dude it’s total shit xD I have to visit Los Angeles and I can’t shuffle without one of them staring me down or challenging me -_-

  7. looks awful sry..

  8. Dom Shuffles says:


  9. i did, i regret it ..


    I love mikkiz hair:-) i will get the same hair:-)

  11. Dom Shuffles says:

    Look up “Cali style shuffle”.

  12. dafuq is dat…

  13. Dom Shuffles says:

    It’s neither. It’s 07 style. New school is that Cali stomping stuff.

  14. brayan stiven villamarin says:

    Rocy is Thle mejor

  15. Skidd Shuffle says:

    4:15 Andrew….. 🙁

  16. jeanpaul12ify says:

    lol xD

  17. this is not oldschool, this is newschool 😀

  18. jeanpaul12ify says:

    Old School Shuffle Forever !

  19. I got 100

  20. LeeLeeMadnes03 says:

    Saccos insane!!!

  21. v like venusian bass ball mix

  22. Nguyễn Nhật Minh says:

    and no francis ?

  23. but sacco is spastic!!!

  24. rocky is best