This is one of my 'Gallery' pieces included in the Global Shuffle soundtrack. It is designed for installation in an art gallery environment. track: MSO//flatline composer: Garry Shepherd year: 2005 duration: 6:09 HOW TO LISTEN ART GALLERY Typically it involves multiple speakers arranged in the gallery to provide an immersive listening experience, with Doppler effects as listeners move throughout the space. DOMESTIC SYSTEM For domestic use it is best heard on a 5.1 home theatre system with a good sub-bass woofer. HEADPHONES Headphones with good bass capabilities are ideal for experiencing Binaural and Monaural beats - Sit or relax comfortably with headphones on and close eyes. EQUIPMENT The piece was created on Moog Modular V by Arturia The work was performed live in my Nicholas Building studio (Melbourne CBD) all in one take. The work was generated from silence using only one synth, recorded direct to analog cassette audio tape from the stereo outputs, then digitally recaptured.

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