Hey guys! This is my new compilation from mt eden dubstep. Sorry for bad transitions but dubstep mixing isn't easy. I've choose the most famous dubstep songs from Mt Eden. They are mixed with vdj and wmm. I hope you like it! Please rate and comment this video.... you can also sub my channel(the yellow button). Tags: VDJ Virtual Deejay Discjokey WMM Compilation Dubstep "Mt Eden" Dub step offbeats shuffle-rhythm "sierra leone" "still alive" omen jJumpen "DJ jaybee" "JC BW" mixed "Best one and so on..." "dance remix" "pop dance" "live music" dj "dance club" trance bass dnb drum "drum bass" electro
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25 Responses to “Mt Eden Dubstep Compilation Part 1”

  1. DervondenAnthen says:

    Chris Webby raps to Mt Eden – Sierra Leone, and this is the track you’ve heard in here.

  2. makpoopy says:

    that song at the beginning is the beat to raising the bar by chris webby right?

  3. MrSus102 says:


  4. DervondenAnthen says:

    You can listen to part 2,3 and 4! Links are added as a annotation!

  5. v1ct0rR1v3r4 says:

    wot? thats it?


  6. DervondenAnthen says:

    Hi @NicoTheInsane27 ! It’s Mt Eden Dubstep – Omen (Remastered).

  7. NicoTheInsane27 says:

    aand which one is at 7:12?

  8. xXiRoNxSigHtZzzx says:

    no but its easy to get for free 😀

  9. shooter16793 says:

    Lmao is this free virtual dj…

  10. DervondenAnthen says:

    It’s Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone.

  11. Steven McAvoy says:

    Whats the song @ the start

  12. DervondenAnthen says:

    really nice mum!

  13. AllardFumerton69 says:

    Download the audio from this vid at tubepull doht cohm.

  14. Elderunlimited9 says:

    it was nice but u picked the 4 most over played/over used songs of his he has alot more songs …

  15. butt head says:

    i think you should prob add a list to this but great song choices..thumbs up =)

  16. DervondenAnthen says:

    MT Eden Dubstep – still alive

  17. BigBadBeetz says:

    what song is at 3:15

  18. You should make a torrent of this and upload… awesome! I have it on none-stop repeat!!!

  19. Valentin Constantin says:

    Sierra Leone is fuking epical !!!

  20. sk8ergangsta2003 says:

    sierra leone is one of my favorites.

  21. DervondenAnthen says:

    Mt Eden Dubstep – Omen (Remastered Mix)

  22. sk8ergangsta2003 says:

    whats the one at 6:31, never heard it before..

  23. DervondenAnthen says:

    It’s called Sierra Leone from Mt Eden

  24. Garret Tucker says:

    Whats the first song?

  25. DervondenAnthen says:

    I’m working on one new mix. In this I’ll show other artists than Mt Eden.