Muzzettes(girl form of muzzas) I know you're orgasming over this video, here's a tissue. Muzza Melbourne shuffle. Complilation of fully sick muzza shufflers,...
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25 Responses to “Muzza Shuffle Compilation!!”

  1. Quirin Huber says:

    4:33 haha

  2. Quirin Huber says:

    @BenSteveo Hardstyle Instructor

  3. Liam Sloggett says:


  4. song at 2:21 anyone?!!

  5. muzzastyles says:

    mintt. xo

  6. @alextroTHUY dixie-release the muzzas

  7. lolblastumm says:

    @vsboy25 you don’t own shit you scum

  8. jebusbeams says:

    looks like a bunch of retardeds that cant walk or do the robot properly to

  9. @tonyblingrosa Wanna know how I obtained the Vl Turbo song? Well long story
    short. I transferred the song ‘Like Humans Do’ the windows xp song onto a
    USB. This shuffling Wog broke into my house and swallowed the usb. 10 days
    later he took a shit and it appeared that he shitted out the USB. I
    inserted the usb into the usb slot of my computer, played the song and
    wallah VL Turbo techno.

  10. @blznrayzn what kebabs mate we brang more than kebabs too australia
    sameshit goes with the asians man if the asians wernt here or the wogs fukn
    australia would be fuckd, indians will own it L0L

  11. TheChazlik says:

    Superwog call all the boys , all the boys , get every boy , call all the

  12. alextroTHUY says:

    chuck us the track?

  13. muzzas are suppose to be big, but all i see here are little girls 🙁

  14. wtf is this?

  15. lolblastumm says:

    @DIZKUNT muzzas are plain gay and nobody likes you

  16. shadow0hardstyle says:

    fully hectic and sick uleh nice Vl Turbo Dose song omg its an indian, call
    the cousins

  17. TheGiOvInAzZo123 says:

    where can i download the song electrodose ?

  18. wat is the name of the first song??????

  19. SellOutOfficial99 says:

    fuck u go muzza cunt

  20. what is the name of the first song

  21. RadioHomicide666 says:

    hey micheal jackson wants his dance moves back you fuckheads..muzzas make
    me sick such simple minded retards

  22. MuzzaAlexii says:

    fucken hell uleh…defs best shuffeling vid on youtube!

  23. deadman20008 says:

    The way I see it, muzzas are just metro wogs.

  24. @deadman20008 same shit brah

  25. 2 words gas chamber and thats coming from a wog.