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19 Responses to “My Inspiration | Shuffle Compilation #1”

  1. IIHarDStyleAdDicTII says:

    the spin at 3:47 made me cum

  2. zephcantshuffle says:

    songlist pls 🙂

  3. Felipe Maac says:

    i want enter HAHA :/ sooo awesome comp :/ breeno and sick bro’s ♥ 5* maac.

  4. Breeno Coosta says:

    thanks for adding me brother <3! 5* thpbreeno!

  5. Nekro Tic says:

    podaj shufflerów .

  6. Dylan seiko says:

    2:41 3:13 its not lion o_O its pheonix *-*

  7. SickyShuffler555 says:

    fav *u* -sicky -q

  8. DasHackii says:

    oh just noticed.. track in my video is “Sean Truby – Now Or Never (Original
    Mix)” you can add that to the description 😀

  9. Felipe Maac says:

    and the 4 is Ion i guess.

  10. Krzysztof Hołysz says:

    @HardMover7 I know that 🙂 I intend to make second part.. better and
    longer(more shufflers)! 😀

  11. TheLizardMan008 says:

    There all so good! But Breeno tops em all :3 <3

  12. Daniel Kuch says:

    nice comp. ^^ i like + fav!

  13. Krzysztof Hołysz says:

    @DasHackii you’re welcome 😉

  14. Guss ?? ahahahhahaahahaauau nice comp Gus is a BassMasters

  15. Krzysztof Hołysz says:

    @dydi66shadox oops..! corrected

  16. GixxxerKim says:

    IN BARE FEET! Breeno!

  17. Piotr 'Neville' Wójcik says:

    a ja to gdzie ?:D

  18. THEUSIEK1 says:

    Wooooowwwwwww 6/5 zajebiście

  19. DasHackii says:

    nice compilation and thanks for putting me in <3