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A tribute to one of the great shuffle crews! Watch in HQ! www.bebo.com www.myspace.com Tracklist: 1. Dj Zany & Dj Duro - Back Again 2. Machinehead - Headwave (zatox remix) 3. D-Block ft S-te-fan - We be kickin' bass 4. Headhunterz - Time 2 Rock 5. D-Block & S-te-fan - Ride With Uz 6. Brennan Heart - Remember Remember 7. Brennan Heart - Revival X 8. Max B. Grant - Hardstyle Champion 9. Dj Twisty - Twisted Melody 10. Brainkicker vs Bass Modulators - Ring That Shit 11. 2playa2 - Tune 12. Builder - My Life is a Demo (dub mix) 13. Novamatix - Ragin' Butterfly (Deepack's Speed up Mix) 14. Deepack and Showtek - Tha Roof Iz On Fire 15. D-Block & S-te-fan ft Soundcreators - Keep On Trying 16. Brennan Heart - Evolution Of Style 17. Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia (tnt remix) 18. Headhunterz - Do It My Way 19. Builder - Her Voice 20. Brennan Heart - We Are Possessed (headhunterz rmx) HSA Shufflers include: Rocky Sacco Instinct Eddie Luke Zorana TeddyT Reece
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Neon Lights – I Can’t Help Myself (Frisky vs. MDA & Spherical Mix) (HQ)”

  1. D Cashinout MC says:

    sick track

  2. VogeL8983 says:

    no release? N1 TRACK, love it

  3. dhillsalas says:

    Damn!!! Ican’t wait for EDC this year.
    Gonna be a clean ass experience.

  4. pancriollo says:


  5. XxTopCodKillsxX says:

    2:25 <3 xd

  6. iamaphatass says:

    no more talk >:3, SHUFFLE

  7. xxbuznegroxx says:

    i just love shuffleing to this kind of music

  8. slayerulz11 says:

    yea that mint shit, use it all the time

  9. slayerulz11 says:


  10. thebeaner626 says:

    best part 2:28??

  11. USillySally says:

    is there a full version?

  12. xJessluvsetf4lyfx says:

    This is such a beautiful song. Newest to be on repeat now ^^

  13. akdons3 says:

    this is awesome

  14. Vandross Rocky says:


  15. shortyrock132000 says:

    this song taste like gushers

  16. Ricky PErez says:

    dis shit is fyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!!
    i think 2:29 is da best

  17. MrMetal4Life94 says:

    Fuckin sick

  18. rudyf2387 says:

    this is hard trance 😛

  19. DR3AP3R85 says:

    is this hardstyle

  20. Marcus Girard says:

    Its called real player sp. you can download it free online and it lets you download youtube vids and covert them into mp3s. get that. =P

  21. go to google and type *Neon lights – I cant Help Myself 4shared*

  22. Commentorish says:

    ClipConverter.cc 😉 ull need the video link too

  23. wewegraber says:

    This song, when you’re fucked up. Fucckkin insanee

  24. Light102L says:

    fk yea !

  25. iammai88 says:

    worst part 4:04

  26. Ikilledbenladen says:

    HSA means HardStyleAnimals

  27. kevron22 says:

    song name or who it is ? -.-

  28. Charmer96able says:


  29. SHONDENE100 says:

    Wait HSA/Tiny.Z Her Name Is Zorana?

  30. Ilham Defra Nugraha says:

    Sacco is insanely wildest shuffler

  31. Ilham Defra Nugraha says:

    0:10 lol

  32. EveryStylez says:

    I love him too bro! 😀
    His style looks so smooth & controlled.

  33. Zillamp3z says:

    HSA Luke is the best

  34. gabriel arauz says:

    eddie inspired me to shuffle as i used to be fat too.. 6 months took me to start shuffling in a shitty way, i have 6 years already and i have acomplished a lot, i thank eddie and HSA for showing me a world that judges nobody, hardstyle. more than a music, a lifestyle.

  35. screwxbox7 says:


  36. XemiLyXwaffLesX says:

    hrm? cuz it’s true :s i also am not on the internet that much

  37. WaWeZ1109 says:

    why do u write that?

  38. XemiLyXwaffLesX says:

    :O coolio ^-^

    …I haven’t tried out for a crew yet ^-^’ I dont think I’m that good yet

  39. screwxbox7 says:

    It has been done by HSA Tiny.Z , she made an demon face & added recce’s hairs to it , i was there wen the logo got official , so if you know nothing about it do say random things

  40. WaWeZ1109 says:

    hehe thats my crew 🙂

  41. RamjaBuh says:


  42. DaniiShuffler FS says:

    HSA the beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. ChubbyNinjas321 says:


  44. XemiLyXwaffLesX says:

    H.S.A. hardstyle agents

  45. DRUNKASSPUNK800 says:

    I watch these vids because they’;re better than me… I can’t shuffle for shit. it looks like a retard on crack doing the running man when I try it.

  46. dvolution74 says:

    The logo is based on mikki’s face

  47. dvolution74 says:

    H.S.A hardstyle Angels

  48. dvolution74 says:

    Instinct is like the grandmaster of hsa’s group then rocky is his 2nd general.

  49. raversfanticy2011ify says:

    The Pure Hard Dance web sight but u have to have pay pal