Sorry! youtube thought it would be cool to block my video from some countrys due to copyright..... :/ Shufflers: Noah (tanktop shuffler) BassNeurotic - Jin Jin Rockett DLM - Oper D2T - SubstanceD BassNeurotic - Rowenz D2T - Getup BassNeurotic - Baffy THF AH - Aaronbn DLM -Arty & Intaro Elegend Luq Its not my best work! but i will make more even better trust me! ­čśë also please let me know if you would like to be in the next one ­čÖé Comment, Rate and Subscribe Songlist: Intro song: Sub Focus - Rock It 1. unknown at the moment.. sorry will have t soon ­čÖé 2. unknown aswell at the moment xD 3. Karpe-DM - Seize The Day 4. Luca Antolini - Powerfull ACT 3 5. Headhunterz - Summer of hardstyle 6. Lengo - Life In X Ornator vs Mike Phobos Rmx 7. ASYS - Acid Nightmare Original Mix 8. Luca Antolini - Loving You (Ricky T Remix) Not sure if its the right mix D: 9. Gostosa - Never Say Never dont worry! i will locate the rest of the list shortly ­čÖé Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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The Best Shuffler. Not The Best Quality Because Of Fucking Youtube. Im Not In Love With Reece But Hes Honestly The Best. To See Better View In Half Screen. Subscribe To Me Reece! Alot Of Time Was Put Into This So Show Some Respect. Enjoy. NOTE: Apparently Reece Was Not In HG And Youll See Their Logo In The Video So Sorry For That!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “New 2011 Melbourne Shuffle Compilation (SongList released)”

  1. 100SwEeTy001 says:

    1:29 -´╗┐ 2:27 <3

  2. Alysson OverKill -q says:

    Nice shuffle´╗┐ bro C: subback plz ­čśÇ

  3. stiffneck edward says:

    i am shuffler since´╗┐ 2 years and stop and back with uninterested -_-

  4. uou dont even know how to shuffe, and you`re talking about that sacco and mikki are the best, dumbass. newstyle is much harder and got way more variation. the only thing harder with oldstyle´╗┐ shuffle is that its exhausting -.-

  5. 1┬░ Song: Bass Agents – Hard Sequence
    2┬░ Song´╗┐ : Da Tweekaz – Hook´╗┐ My Mic

    Nice Video

  6. TheOmghiphopking says:

    Then take a look at the 2 good old´╗┐ school melbourne shuffle HSA Sacco and HSK Mikki and see the true melbourne shuffle!

  7. I like the shuffle of nowadays its to express and´╗┐ to impress…

  8. SilverBackSexMachine says:

    Intro´╗┐ song is Rock It by Sub Focus

  9. TheOmghiphopking says:

    Where is the melbourne shuffle world going…. Can’t every1 just try´╗┐ to learn shuffle to the hardstyle music and do the right steps…

  10. Welcome to the´╗┐ newschool shuffle…

  11. Virgil Traucer says:


  12. song name at 6:00 pls tell me the right remix:)´╗┐ thank you ­čÖé

  13. Carmelo Albanese says:

    hahaha yeah Dont´╗┐ know how that happend xD

  14. BRYCE1q2w3e4r5t6y says:

    fucking homo. 50k views? i´╗┐ hate you

  15. TheOmghiphopking says:

    Whatever´╗┐ man

  16. batman4pres says:

    Literally´╗┐ makes no sense at all…

  17. TheOmghiphopking says:

    So? I think that malaysian shuffle and noob shuffle to house music sucks I only say that haven’t said anything that means that it isn’t. I just say what I saw when i watched´╗┐

  18. batman4pres says:

    wha..t..the fuck/ Almost everyone shuffles to house or trance……hardstyle is a genre´╗┐ of house btw..

  19. TheOmghiphopking says:

    Would not call this for´╗┐ real melbourne……. seems like malaysian shuffle and shuffle to house music…..

  20. Allan Melo says:

    vc o noia!”

  21. Carmelo Albanese says:

    No shit´╗┐ mate.

  22. xXNiNjANaTiVeXx says:

    And it’s a gay style of shuffling… Melbourne´╗┐ <3

  23. lolypop725 says:

    All i was saying was the style he was using since he puts “malaysia shuffle” in´╗┐ his video titles, why do people need to keep messaging me about it when oper does malaysia simple because that what his video said. just trying to correct a simple mistake.

  24. Carmelo Albanese says:

    The origens of the name come from melbourne I do not care for the styles adapted´╗┐ in other countrys

  25. andreasyoman says:

    anyone know the song on 4:33 i´╗┐ whoud love to know <3

  26. Cheweeconga says:

    Wow his kicks are SUPER controlled´╗┐ and impressive o.o

  27. xXBorn2HardstyleXx says:

    3:04 whenever I hear that song´╗┐ it always reminds me of Reece

  28. xXBorn2HardstyleXx says:

    Reece was always´╗┐ the one with the smoothest moves. His moonwalk is clean

  29. Demolit1onProduction says:

    No´╗┐ this is a fake Reece.. OF COURSE IT’S REALLY REECE! ­čśÇ

  30. what is´╗┐ the video at 0:16??

  31. Annu Kallu says:

    Yea i really agree that he is´╗┐ The Best Shuffler.

  32. darrel bryan says:

    is´╗┐ he really reece?

  33. thehardstyleaddict1 says:

    Whats the song @´╗┐ 3:02 ?????

  34. Raveordie94 says:

    Def good, not the´╗┐ best though

  35. andreasyoman says:

    song at 4:33´╗┐ ?

  36. DeathOfADarkSoul says:

    I know him… he can be a´╗┐ bit of a ass

  37. KINGerickKING says:

    Free step ├ę melhor !´╗┐

  38. Shaun Johnston says:

    Started to thinking i was getting really good at shuffling. Then i´╗┐ saw this.

  39. leannamaybateman says:


  40. knightlord344 says:

    hahaha! hes so badass!´╗┐

  41. he has cool hair!! wats it called??´╗┐

  42. ChrIsLeo2005 says:

    Reece is the best shuffler for me, i want to be so good like´╗┐ Reece^^

  43. neonspark21 says:

    whats that song called at 3:33´╗┐

  44. grudinskas says:

    What does this have to´╗┐ do anything with Rocky? O _ o

  45. minkusink6 says:

    23´╗┐ people including me have watched rocky shuffle

  46. xPortugalqueenX says:

    Geil geil geil the best.´╗┐ :$ <3

  47. SuperCap26 says:

    muito bom !!´╗┐ Reece is the best!

  48. Patrick Jarosch says:

    BOAH ey!!!!!!!!! ich dachte ich bin ein noob, aber in gegensatz zu dir bin ich ein Classic fan^^ E P I C !´╗┐

  49. dawiDos50cent says:

    3:08´╗┐ <333333333333333333333333333333333