Hi again! This is my second hardstyle top where you can enjoy music what I'm listening, and shuffle what I like..) I'm shore what it's gonna like you... that...

25 Responses to “New Hardstyle Top 20 and melbourn shuffle compilation 2010 ! This is Shuffle!”

  1. Jota-Pe- THN says:

    hardstyle top xd el hardstyle es un genero de musica no un estilo

  2. HardStyleKasaii says:

    Erinraldo is fast that song fits him well only if he didn’t run into the wall

  3. Noe Garza says:

    They dance to express not to impress

  4. Noe Garza says:

    Awesome this isn’t lmfao crap

  5. damontjacjson says:

    Whats the 15 song?

  6. CommunistSpyware says:

    shuffle is still strong and kicking. Glad to see it

  7. Jose Miguel Mayhuire says:

    where are mikki rocky and sacco?

  8. Ashsiebzig says:

    Nur die Besten sterben(Hardstyle Mix)- Böhse Onkelz (Look at the top comment)

  9. Nachen Castañares says:

    19 song? please link

  10. Yeap )

  11. TayuyaShirayuki says:

    Like i found that clip in his own compilation lol

  12. TayuyaShirayuki says:

    #11 is thunder right?

  13. MoSiahh69 says:

    Oh, woops sorry :L Yeah that’s true.. That music clip did make shuffling pityful.

  14. No problems 😀

  15. thx bro :)

  16. Sorry, but unfortunately you misunderstood him! 🙂 He do not dislike this video…. he dislikes this – /watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj8 – LMFAO party rock – very popular video known around the world where some noobies try to shuffle. All shufflers hates this pathetic video where shuffle is miserably presented…So he just laugh on it by saying *LMFAO shuffling..are you fucking kiddin me?*.. And he distinguishes this video as the real example of how does shuffle really should look like)

  17. Lmao, i don’t get it. You’re first sentence was a dis to this video but your last statement is ‘keep shuffling’? Everyone has their own style to shuffling, not only your style is the ‘ideal style’ to the perfect shuffle.

  18. LMFAO shuffling…are you fucking kiddin me?

    real shufffling is this

    keep shuffling

  19. Braick Therev says:

    I dont found the song 15 :c

  20. Brener souza says:

    Cara, esses sim são os verdadeiros Shuffling
    Incrivel! <3

  21. Deathfromabove isheaven says:

    song 3…. DAMN THAT KID HAS SPEED 😀

  22. 6:27 T1M! <3

  23. BassMasters Headhunterz says:

    speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed noooooooooooooooob ahushasuhaushaahahaoapks-p92iwe0iaosiajxlkmk OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!

  24. kandrek07 says:

    I find the dime shit?
    the 19

  25. God I like it !