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THE BEST OF.. My fav shufflers from 2007 and 2008. I respect these people and hope you too. Shufflers: Danielzz Mikki Jaymie Instinct Sacco David Francis Imzeh Rocky Reece Ezz Daniel Maikool Aiidz Ducyd Pae Hiltzy Soul-J Jesse William Yoshiro Tyson Apekwhuut Aaron HSK Group Tracklist: 1. Trance Generators - Do You Wanna Balloon 2009 (Twilight Forces Remix) 2. Technoboy - Into Dub 3. The Prophet Vs Brennan Heart - Payback 4. Pradera vs Sasha F - Summer Feelings 5. Giorgio Martini - In 2 The Future (Small Town Boy Remix) 6. Trance Generators - Italians Do It Better (Tgs Fucking In The Kitchen Mix) 7. Miss Jarea - Brain Damage (Tech Mix) 8. PHATT - Damage Control (SHOKK Mix) 9. Organ Donors Vs. Alex Kidd - Boot It Up (Original Mix) 10. Rank 1 - LED There Be Light (Trance Energy Anthem 2009) Software: Sony Vegas 9.0, Adobe After Effects CS 3 Size: 423 MB HOPE YOU ENJOY. WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY. www.melbshuffle.pl www.melbshuffle.com

48 Responses to “Now Shuffle – Nasty Boys ;) (OLD VIDEO)”

  1. TheCrazykingC says:

    this is cool. you guys are awsome. what’s the tracklist btw? 🙂

  2. DTAxDisasterZ, chill out bro. I like how they are doin them. Shuffling should be for fun, don’t hate on them for doing their own style. Keep it up guys. :]

  3. Shane Helmer says:

    Lol Hit Us Up On MySpace Cx

  4. Ashton Bailey says:

    Where are you guys from?hmu(: <3

  5. What Are The Songs?

  6. recesspiecess says:

    Damn…u guys re bomb

  7. Tina brisbo says:

    u guyz r gewwd but i thhinkk jumbos fiinne a’f

  8. TheBlader121 says:

    Lol jumpstyle xD

  9. Oriigiinal15 says:

    All 3 Of Y’all At The End Are Cute But Jumbo Is Fuckin Sexy!(;

  10. Raiderfan4321 says:

    All,ypou guys aree kute but jummbo damm:D hes fucking adorable! Do you guys haave facebook.

  11. hedsfuaw15 says:

    hmu for my number 😉

  12. Ashley Carcione says:

    you guys arnt bad shufflers(: btw… I think Jumbo is cute;) just sayin

  13. marcella anderson says:

    aaron is cute

  14. Dee Kidd Martin says:

    for fontana(: FOHI

  15. aaron ortega says:

    yeahh we get down in this vid

  16. hedsfuaw15 says:

    old video fag bag, why don’t you go suck on your momma’s tittys and get yo shit right 🙂

  17. Jeanetter255 says:


  18. jazmine suarez says:


  19. StayTwoReal says:

    ayyy thats right FUCK malaysian

  20. Elias Quintana says:

    haha these guys dont suck i have to say that out of all of them the liddle kid is the best tho haha 

  21. DTAxDisasterZ says:

    Damn I thought you niggas we’re Malay you guys suck…

  22. 4:36 what is that tail thing called plz reply!

  23. xxxJuBoxxx101 says:

    i want numbers:) jumbo nine 0 jonny and the guy in the green shirt;)

  24. awesome comp!

  25. EveryStylez says:

    You were with Mikki there too huh 😀

  26. André Rodrigues says:

    OMG! fucking awesome comp
    idols *—*

  27. Slash1234678 says:

    veryy nice video, effects are sick, i love when Pae shuffles he shuffles slow then when he kicks an adrenaline rush comes in

  28. paddyf0rre5t says:

    amazing video one of the best ever

  29. LayzinPresents says:

    fk yeah! 😀 I respect this guys! awesome vid Nvl 🙂 great job

  30. Amandicastro says:

    mt bom *-*

  31. UsaShufflerz says:


  32. DeejaySlideX says:

    nice edit man on of the best what is see ^^

  33. nemesisxtm says:

    The practice does the master =)

  34. Hardstylez707 says:

    Just went outside to shuffle

  35. DeejaySlideX says:

    danielzz was the first shuffler there i had see and i think i can his style too

  36. i love it!

  37. Everton Diazz says:

    2:47 lmzeh
    love style
    5/5 + fav

  38. Luke Clugston says:

    Whats the intro song btw?

  39. Luke Clugston says:

    Unreal editing man, all the best shuffle legends! 🙂 5* faved and subbed :)

  40. Neville1337 what program do you use too edit this compilation video plz reply thanx

  41. Piotr 'Neville' Wójcik says:

    earthquake plugin from newblue fx.

  42. UsaShufflerz says:

    idk almost looks like it does. Could be a diffrent camra.

  43. ShuffleCompilations says:

    ya better quality?

  44. UsaShufflerz says:

    0:55 looks like a diffrent angle from all of the other vids.,

  45. should be “ThTHE BEST OF 2007”

  46. Eli flores says:

    names Riddick part of UBE(Untouchable Bass Exorcists

  47. Eli flores says:

    dude can i be in the next compilation im pretty good

  48. good 1:45 O.o