LEER DESCRIPCIÓN----------------------------- -TIPOS DE MUSICA 2:17 Mins - Melbourne Shuffle 2:47 Mins - CALI Shuffle 3:24 Mins - AUS Shuffle 3:50 Mins - MAS Shuffle...

Jboi - 3 Years of Melbourne Shuffle

Sorry for the rushed video! I just wanted to update and release as soon as possible. I will make a longer video outdoors before Christmas. Thank you all for supporting me this far and for making...
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30 Responses to “Oaxaca Shuffle 2015 – Tipos de musica (MELBOURNE SHUFFLE )”

  1. Aleejandro Hernandez says:
  2. Diego Barrios says:

    hey y como aprenden no hay inscripsiones en un aprendisaje esq mi prima
    qiere ir y es muy importante para ella


    hay que hacer publicidad invitare a chavas 

  4. Dantek n.n says:

    Plis el nombre de la canción 2:33 :3 

  5. Sparks Kelevra says:

    You ar tremendo xD pura mujer ehh haha rifados los clips del 0:51 (: como
    se llama esa rola (0:51)?
    – Sparks

  6. Havoc Shuffler says:

    Which video editor do you use? +JBOI1996

  7. Naoi Okay says:


  8. Tim Büchner says:

    Where is your 5 years vid )’c’) /
    *flips table*

  9. THS Official says:



  10. HyperF0rce AUS-shuffler says:

    gREATT Style JBOI 😀 i like it <3

    HDR//HFR// - HyperF0rce

  11. victorodsxD says:

    best shuffler in this world,

  12. DeRaw ProJexx says:

    Why don’t you make a video where you don’t stretch it?
    So we can see how you really do

  13. minyshuffle says:

    ahh :/ 4 years now dawg :/

  14. Pioneer Shuffler says:

    Why is everyone saying this is sped up? Its very possible to go at that
    speed ive seen many shufflers

  15. AnAalD1n says:

    jboi pls Start making Videos again we miss u :'(

  16. ACoUDoZ says:

    Worst shuffler

  17. BlazeShufflez says:

    Song is Brainkicker Vs Noisecontrollers – Always Black

  18. Is JBOI in hard movement??

  19. MelbshuffleTony says:

    or maybe he needs atention

  20. Sp00k3C00k3z says:

    how’d you move across the ground so smoothly? teach me oh wise master! (:

  21. Weszu Edits And Stuff says:

    im sorry but i cant stop to love you..<3

  22. OverNotPowered says:

    jboi *_* pls back

  23. Branderrp says:

    Bulldog is still good 😀

  24. MuSiX M4dN3Ss says:

    jboi… do u have a fb page? i wanna go and like it o.o

  25. Zerogravity says:

    only practise ^^

  26. Surgeon of Death says:

    hey bro you’re my favourite hardstyle shuffler and i hope you’re still
    shuffling…you’re the best

  27. TheSnuuq says:

    nice (: !

  28. Ethereal Heartless says:

    You’re awesome man, ur style is PERFECT! All I can say is that your shuffle

  29. Kevin Rodríguez says:

    name of the song please

  30. HunterPresents says:

    lol its just like a MAS style RM but in AUS style. nice MIX ; D