0:01 Why you a hoe http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/4q_Yrj9sImk/ 0:19 is Remix is Inna - Fly Lika A Women Techno Remix 1:30 is Star Creatorz - Killzone (H...

SHUFFLER IN ORDER ---------- - Topera : http://www.youtube.com/user/toperahardstyle - Dronez : http://www.youtube.com/user/zbox089 - Radissol : htt...
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46 Responses to “OMG Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 4 – GUIFENG”

  1. I’ve been looking forever as well, dude.

    I still haven’t found it. The link in the description is wrong as well xD

  2. Dam…What titanic remix is that ive been looking for days 😛 Crazy amazing song

  3. Felipe Voolkizag says:

    song at 2:20 and 2:45 ?

  4. Brayan Alanis says:

    First song is DJ CAMMY – Ah Ahh Ahhh

  5. Brayan Alanis says:

    DJ CAMMY – Ah Ahh Ahhh

  6. Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    whats the first song called man

  7. Lijnna Lijnna Casanova says:

    waht is the songname time 5:05 ?

  8. I was too busy with my school works >< I just finished my exams a few weeks ago . That's why take so long . Sorry ..

  9. Whee Hardstyleshuffles says:

    Thanks, i already know

  10. Daniel jonathan says:

    Beattraax Project Well

  11. Marquis Delaine says:

    DO you do a shuffle tutorial, i want to get better at shuffling so bad, i know the basics but what you guys do in this vid amaze me every time I watch it

  12. awesome !!! but plz what is the song at 2:16 ???

  13. Whee Hardstyleshuffles says:

    When I watched this, the description wasn’t updated. o0o

  14. Titanic DJ remix , in the description

  15. In the description got the link 😀

  16. In the description 😀

  17. in the description . Hope it helps

  18. Why you a Hoe . In the description got the link

  19. TItanic DJ remix . In the description 😛

  20. Still finding , let u know as soon as possible

  21. Star Creatorz – Killzone (Hunter remix) around 1:25 there

  22. Still finding , let u know as soon as possible 😀

  23. In the description :P

  24. SUb

  25. gabriel arauz says:

    they missed a song, second song is B-front & frontliner - Become the sky

  26. markussen951 says:

    Where is Robowarrior?

  27. BestStar95 says:

    3:25 dat cat

  28. Cytrozlizzani says:

    Varo subs *-*

    KR | BRZ | Cytro.Z

  29. BassRockeR99 says:

    Still awesumm
    -Jakeii | HSP | BJ | HSL

  30. KidDarknessS says:

    amazing shufflers *u*
    BM Kidd

  31. Zach//Raveordie94 says:

    nicely done 🙂
    HDF| Zach

  32. SC9R9CR9W says:

    whats the second song? and definitely the best aus comp ever!

  33. Varo Shuffler says:

    SONGLIST: -Zatox A New Dimension [HQ + HD]
    -DJ Stephanie Groovin To The Beat [HQ Original]
    -Psyko Punkz- Fundation
    -Noisecontrollers Marlboro Man (The Pitcher Re Amp)
    -Zatox The R3belz  Odissea 2011.mp3
    -Main Suspect Evolution or God
    -Max Enforcer You And I (Hard With Style 18) [HQ + HD]
    -Brennan Heart – Life That We Dream Of (City2City)
    -Tatanka A True Story (HQ Preview)

  34. Matt Arion says:

    Nice comp but does anyone ever render in good quality anymore? so many affects and blurriness isn’t always a good thing.

  35. en el minuto 3:24 casi mata al gato ajajajajajajaa

  36. Radissol .Blue says:

    The best compilation!! *—*
    – Radissol 😀

  37. john peraz says:

    Best shit there

  38. Nachen Castañares says:

    Silas have the best AUS style for me :3

  39. Nachen Castañares says:


  40. 15Umbriel says:

    thanks for my clip in compilation niceeeee compilation *–*


  41. TyphoonShuffle says:

    Bring the cows down 😀

  42. Brayan Shuffler says:

    *.*  Amazings Shufflers ‘ good compilation 😀 ‘

    please song Radissol ‘


  43. gonzalo benavidez says:

    niiiice comp!!
    song list plz! last song blow my head away!!!

  44. Paul Enriquez says:

    Nice compilation !
    hey , please song radissol !

  45. Paulo Altiely says:

    nice comp bro
    Sub x Sub ??

  46. victorodsxD says:

    comp foda do krl !