(Original) American Melbourne Shufflers Compilation Vol 2 - Visit www.Myspace.com/usashuffle

Second Official American Melbourne Shufflers Compilation!!! Visit www.MySpace.com/usashuffle Hope you Enjoy =] Shufflers Presented : - Brandon - Andreezy - Ebanks - Jayyy - Tuan - Willz - Keith - ZeZe - Mac.G - Trancezilla - DiceyWHAT - Squiid - Erick - Ariya - POoka - Phillip - Rokr - Sly - Kimchee - Aaron - Katastrophik - Bruce - Rambo - [FOB] Group Shuffle (Jayyy,N-Dru & Andreezy) - Stan - SOUNDTRACK - 1. Smashing Guys - Darkness (Zatox Mix) 2. DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Steve Hill vs D10 Mix) 3. Megara vs DJ Lee - Musical Society (Original Mix) 4. Megara vs DJ Lee - For a Moment (Backslash vs Mikkas Remix) 5. Megara vs DJ Lee - The Goddess (Backslash vs Mikkas Remix) 6. September-Cry for you (Hardforze Remix) 7. Neon Lights & Masif Dj's - Fine day (Steve Hill vs D10 Mix) 8. Dave 202 - Imagine Yourself (Megara vs DJ Lee Remix) 9. Bas & Ram - Chimps & Pimps NOTE: Simple Edit, computer was acting up. Sorry if you were not featured in the video, I tried to remember everybody, Thanks for your cooperation. Honors [200309] - #41 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Australia #9 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Entertainment - Australia #62 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Entertainment - Australia #23 - Most Responded (This Week) - Australia #6 - Most Responded (This Week) - Entertainment - Australia #95 - Most Responded (This Month) - Australia #12 - Most Responded (This Month) - Entertainment - Australia #67 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Australia #28 - Top Favorited (This Week ...
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Zyzz Dance Compilation + Pictures and more

Tracks: Dash Berlin feat. Chris Madin - Silence In Your Heart (Antillas Remix) - ASOT 568 Bonkers 17 Rebooted Alesso & Dirty South - City Of Dreams

49 Responses to “American Melbourne Shufflers Compilation”

  1. Hizoka Schiffer says:

    Tuan :DD

  2. Willing Ableton says:

    cool tunes not so cool shufflerz

  3. nicolasap86 says:

    Too many dudes in socks.

  4. DiceyWhat says:

    woooow old footage

    suckage <3

  5. Flygon11 says:

    Derp. Cwalk too hard for me yo. Derp. :I

  6. Drell90 says:


  7. Drell90 says:

    very good but u cant beat the australians or the asians especially the asians they r sick XD

  8. APxTrinity says:

    lol, dam i sucked xD

  9. makkis phenix says:


  10. carlos lozano says:

    i do!

  11. Anton Vyvey says:

    STFU, idiot. uk is fkin shit. australia made this shuffling dum fk. piece of sht pom.

  12. makkis phenix says:

    it sucks were i live i love to shuffle but i hate how nobody in Fresno/Cali dont Melbourne shuflle

  13. shuffleTK343 says:

    andreezy is easily the best :L fuck the rest lol next time just make an andreezy compilation lololol

    -Savage Stylez

  14. nice comp! 🙂
    keep rockin people!
    and yeah it’s rare to see the snowy shuffle.. x)

  15. DiceyWhat says:

    Maaan I sucked in this vid rofl

  16. funnyfunkinmonkey says:

    Ill gladly rep for america.

  17. snowdude1080 says:

    come to the shuffle meets!
    HDP style

  18. Pretty good. Shuffling really gets to me since its on the beat so perfectly.
    Good job putting the music on. 🙂

  19. WhatIsSimplySkilled says:

    yeah but yo usee even the melbourne people started shitty. so they cant say theyre better cause everyone starts as a noob and then gradually becomes a good shuffler.

  20. WhatIsSimplySkilled says:

    sure its called melbourne shuffle. but that doesnt mean anyone else cant do it besides melbourne. what do you complain about sydney too? how bout malaysia? What a dumbass

  21. gamma123ful says:

    So many fucking people thing melbourne shuffle is a way to get famous or they think because americans do it they think that we ALL are going to fuck it up. Honestly for the people who think that you can shut the fuck up because at least SOME americans stick to the roots of melbourne shuffle and not to try and get famous for it. Dance to express and realease tension and feeling not because you get woman. Thats a plus yeah but live the lifestyle of a shuffler and a raver.

  22. AndroxineVortex says:

    I live in America (Maryland) and I do it just for fun. And that is true about us only being able to watch videos and learn NO ONE knows what the Melbourne Shuffle is. Hope there’s no hard feelings, I’m not going to post a video until i am SURE i am decent at it =) When I do you’ll have to rate it.

  23. Nyx Greyson says:

    I still prefer m’sia shuffle more but nice move u guys got thr 😀 keep it up 😀

  24. not uk it come from melbourne dude australia

  25. ombtigerslol69 says:

    Lol 38

  26. sr20det66 says:


  27. erices585 says:

    U Mirin BRO!

  28. leandro bianchini says:

    pus mulek vc era muito legal e rueiza pelo visto hem …pena que se foi…

  29. PitbullfromNM says:


  30. 3ACPAHEZ1 says:

    Can someone tell me how tall zyzz was ?
    In cm PLS

  31. arthurian13r says:

    weaver andy l ft. fran – cannonball song 3-50

  32. Trutas ze pequeno says:

    boys become man,man become hero,hero become legends and legends become zyzz

  33. Alan Alcantar says:

    que canción es en 3:50 ? that song is in 3:50 ? C;

  34. internetjunkie1981 says:

    so gay

  35. Iambloodcrazy123 says:

    what is 6:54

  36. Alef Braz says:

    Me too bro!

  37. doucheman23 says:

    6:24 that guy is huge next to chestbrah

  38. TheSebaman says:

    song at 3:50 ? thx

  39. Jase90991 says:


  40. originales1000 says:

    ahi q aceptar q este man si es una inspiracion para los q recien empiezan a darle al gym

  41. Mr1sik2rk says:

    4:00 Epic Zyzz Lad moment XD

  42. Guillermo Salgado says:

    The melbourne shuffle you say? BITCH PLEASE! The Zyzz shuffle

  43. Guilherme Kawe says:

    4:10 parecia uma lombriga kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  44. elema ema says:

    He was an ectomorph O.o

  45. MrCRIPPLER18 says:

    Teared up abit.

  46. geawesomenessed says:


    there is the vid u asked for

  47. Papo Reto says:

    Zyzz The King!

  48. Leonardo Ribeiro says:

    Come at me bro!

  49. ramborfcno1 says:

    link to the vid at 4:00?