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hey whats up guys this is compilation of two great shufflers hope you enjoy comment, rate, and sub. 1st song: D-block & S-te-Fan- sound of good bye 2nd song:...

35 Responses to “RAGASTAR Shuffle Compilation 1”

  1. Joao Felipe says:


  2. natoucho57 says:

    very very very very very goooodd

  3. DAVE Shuffle says:

    Nice RAGASTAR !

  4. SONG @ 2:21?

  5. Fred Gamarra says:

    es una wena compilacion,,, pero intaro es el mejor de russia =)

  6. Luis Alejandro says:



  7. XanXusShuffle says:

    Songlist? Please ><

  8. XanXusShuffle says:

    Uno de los mejores Estilos que puede existir!!! >< Es la primera compilacion que veo de el, gracias 😀 XanXus

  9. KaaH Cruzz says:

    isso e o capeta dançando, dança muito 😀

  10. Joao Felipe says:

    my tylerTSK

    Ragastar tem channel but not uses ..

  11. Efrain GarcIa Glezz says:

    ragastarr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the most particular styles in melbourne shuffle ,, do you now whats his channel??? thanx dude

  12. CreamBagelzz says:

    Bulldog is still going :D

  13. Branderrp says:

    I fucking agree with you (Y)

  14. Branderrp says:

    Yes you can, you do it by replacing it with Bulldog 😀

  15. They dont speed up..

  16. HDXChripSy says:


  17. Coady Muniz says:

    ganja is what he uses good sir ganja not a drug but what he uses x]

  18. Shrooms HARDSTYLE says:

    exactly xD

  19. just use alot of widescreen and a bit of speed-up. and there you go.

  20. just search on youtube.. its actually not hard :))

  21. Brandon Lovegrove says:

    I wise I can shuffle like but hard because I have no one there help or show me how to do it

  22. he uses Liquor xD

  23. yes. you can. with Bulldog.

  24. richard aguilar says:

    i think Bulldog better then sacco i seen sacco he amasing but not amasing as Bulldog

  25. Bekk Rand says:

    bulldog is sexy

  26. Chucleman says:

    mother of god :O DAT WIDESCREEN.. -.-

  27. Alex Chin says:

    + 240p quality jhaha

  28. TheSorax1995 says:

    4th song is called 8th wonder of the world (jigsaw remix) 🙂

  29. he stretches out his video also so thats why he is moving fast

  30. ChillShufflezz says:

    Ok to everyone bitching about bulldog speeding up.. When a video is sped up it doesnt speed up the actual SHUFFLER it increases the speed at which frames move making his legs look like they are doing mini teleports he obviously is moving that speed he just has a shitty camera 🙂

  31. sometimes the sound of good bye.

    is louder.

    then any


  32. FLunknown1 says:

    did you record this with ur ass

  33. BassMasters Headhunterz says:

    Bulldog forever!

  34. Andy Torres says:

    theors also a car in the back ground going was fast so ya ur right hate to admit it but yes ur right

  35. Decay TankBall says:

    Did a potato record the potato that was recording this?