Rattle Shuffle Chillaburni Morlokx

Chillaburni joined me again for a session 🙂 Track: Bingo Players - Rattle (Original Mix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Rattle Shuffle Chillaburni Morlokx”

  1. SwheatAnjewl says:

    »——(¯I could watch you shuffle all day´¯)——»

  2. ronnilein14 says:

    Wie oft hast du deine Boxen schon um gehauen? 😀 Nice mach weiter so 😉

  3. Astrid Herrmann says:

    richtig geil!! <3

  4. mydogzty says:

    This video is pretty helpful because it has a slow-motion effect added in, which helps those who are beginners at shuffling

  5. Lag Maier says:

    lol your friend dance little goofy style, real loose it pretty nice you good too 😛

  6. michaelangehoe1 says:


  7. parsleysprigs says:

    Had to come back cause I have this gay porn music stuck in my head now

  8. My god your sexy as hell man!

  9. st0kes24 says:

    you look like justin timberlake. XD

  10. tapiabeast2 says:

    to who ever is talking shit.

  11. Burni Hexotech says:

    uve been drunk ? wtf ^^

  12. HYSM90s says:

    Is this a response to chillaburni or Molokx?

  13. tapiabeast2 says:

    and you want to hate on my shit. like i said everybody has there own style. if you want to make a cute shuffle vid with your boyfriend, hey thats all up to you. dont go around hating other peoples shit and be a tough guy sayimg i can shuffle better than you. i womt judge. because thats your style. and if your style is making some cute vids with the same shit moves and you want to call thay shuffle. by all means. go for it homie. thats your style.

  14. parsleysprigs says:

    Iol just what comes to mind.

  15. ChocBlurr says:

    @Morlokx you should shuffle to Chuckie-Who is ready to jump 😀

  16. MasterMyaki says:

    my shuffling idles right are these 2 😀

  17. GHSxBloodrage says:

    beu euch sieht das immer so “Chillig” aus …. wie macht ihr das

  18. Burni Hexotech says:

    thx 😀

  19. SternSupremacy says:

    Das Spin am Anfang ist episch:) Es ist immer eine Freude, Ihren shuffle zu sehen, Sie so entspannt sind, ist es verrückt XD

  20. Schwer zu sagen.Häng hald vorallem von der Geschwindigkeit und Intensität ab. Aber es geht so ca 7-8 minuten im Sparmodus (danach bin ich aber kaputt)

  21. Gigafan645 says:

    Verdammte Gema -.-‘ Schön das es Plugins für den Firefox gibt 😀 Und mal ne frage: was war dein längster Shuffle an einem Stück. Also ohne unterbrechung^^?

  22. xxbukwildxx says:

    the pony tail makes it 1000x more epic!

  23. XarcZai says:

    And the smile on his face makes it 1000x even more epic.

  24. Josy Carver says:

    Omg I love Chillaburni’s shirt o.o
    Epic, clean smooth shuffling as always 😀