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17 Responses to “Rockers Style – Shuffle Compilation – Part 1”

  1. sharkyonaleash . says:

    Oh and the second song is Masif Dj’s – the awakening (steve hills & dark by
    design mix)

  2. sharkyonaleash . says:

    What’s the first song? I know it’s a remix o swankie & kashie-mueve solo.
    Oh and nice dancers, but the sound lowering during their transitions took
    away the effect 🙂

  3. Karmymelbshuffle says:

    Please I need help.The one who can help me please leave me a
    message.Thanks Karmy.

  4. Gantz marco antonio says:

    that song so gay

  5. BH sojdzezz says:

    cool !

  6. CHLISHardDance says:

    yeah like man that is awesome 🙂

  7. Максим Полиектов says:

    A W E S O M E E D I T

  8. jpshuffle not true 😉 ist happening in germany

  9. MondGloeckchen says:

    I Love it!

  10. Mathias Biskop says:

    @ripshift69 searchin for that song for long time, too. it’s some remix of
    rank 1 – awakening, but can’t find the exact one. sound hound says it’s the
    cosmic gate remix, but it sounds different to that.

  11. the song mthfkr!!!

  12. Like! 🙂

  13. ripshift69 says:

    1:45 what song is that?

  14. Nice edit, bro ;3

  15. DJ Jaiden Collis says:

    I love the old school rocker style, but only so few people actually have it
    any more 🙁

  16. Carlos Julio Velasco Marin says:

    siempre hay algun pendejo de lmfao que pone unlike :;(

  17. Loen Reborn says:

    What the first song please ? :3 (not the intro, I’m speaking about the bom
    bom song 😀 )