READ DESCRIPTION! Here is my 2nd compilation with my comments + bonus Used videos: B.R.O.M. Shuffle - May 2010 B.R...
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25 Responses to “Rus Shuffle Compilation №2”

  1. Durilion Shuffler says:

    oww so i guess i have to um watch all the videos of Brenton and see how he
    does those moves lol

  2. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Tnx buddy

  3. Nice comp, dude. Keep more rocking!

  4. sharkyonaleash . says:

    yeah it is noticible that some element of your style are influenced by pae
    😛 nice comp man 🙂 like Sharky


  6. TheCroatianRockerz says:


  7. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Ok) I’ll be wait)

  8. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:


  9. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Great thanks to you man))

  10. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Yeah! Tnx guys! I appreciate that!

  11. RBPresents says:

    Woah, so improved! D: rlly good! 😀

  12. Nice vids bro!

  13. I think after 26 august. I’m lazy ass 😛

  14. 김 두환 says:

    nice to meet you! i watched ur vid always:-) i like ur style so… i hope
    make compilation with u!! can I check ma vid? I changed style when i rock
    b4.. if u want, i’ll make new vid! and send to u! plez write back:^)

  15. Durilion Shuffler says:

    am is there a tutorial how to do those T-steps ? lol im more ino am kinda
    electro aus but i wanna lear this one to n.n

  16. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Thanks man)) I will)))

  17. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Thanks for the watching! I hope you’ll continue to watch my vid’s May be
    later (about compilation) Exactly I don’t know when will be my new vid… I
    think it will be in September or Octomber – now I just haven’t time for
    this May be it will be video from my 20 birthday Send me your vid in
    youtube message

  18. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    You mean tutorial by me?

  19. GJ dude!


    thats awesome that u use Aus pure melbourne shuffle style dude, and dont
    create “ur own style” like many ppl in Russia do. Cool tech, style, and
    energy, keep it goin’ greetz from Ukraine

  21. Return from army was hard ahah, awesome m8 ! . T0ny

  22. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Thank you very much!

  23. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Thanks bro) When will be yours new vid?)

  24. BƎLOV's channel (Russian Rockers) says:

    Sorry there aren’t tutorials by me about Rockers style

  25. Luis Lobo says:

    Pfff Awesome video bro 😀 really nice! like, all support! Zxtico