Part 2 - Russian can Shuffle! Edit by: Jesse Song list - intro:Thousand Foot Krutch - Move 1)Organ Donors - Ultra Kaotica (Original Mix) 2)Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dj's From Mars rmx) 3)Punkbusters - What 4)Fragma - Toca's Miracle (Bioweapon Remix) 5)Luna vs Dutch Master - The Scene 6)Technikal & Klubfiller - The Dirty Hand 7)The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop 8)Kidd Kaos - Universal Tranzmission the end.Steve Hill Vs. Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist My favorite Russian shuffle: Enryoki Bart Fini Traktor Melanholy T1M Cl1cker Panich
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Russian Shuffle Compilation”

  1. ninjathordemon12 says:

    nice vid:D and hello everyone,i am a shuffler like so,my name is Yoshi:p and i would appreciate it if anybody can check my channel out and tell me if i am doin good on my shuffling:]please and thnx

  2. It it possible to give us a tracklist? 🙂

  3. RolandoMartinzSDK says:


  4. dion di maggio says:

    If i could hav anyone of these guys styles id have panichs its so sick

  5. xXxneongamingxXx says:

    Tim why so aggresive :DDD

  6. nice comp

  7. MakeMeRedial says:

    Your editing at 2:12 = PERFECT!

  8. ElOfficialVytal says:

    Way too beast keep it up c;

  9. lmstatick says:

    u guys r sick af! 😀
    - OBEY AK (UTAH)

  10. dakidwithSWAG says:

    Paannniiccchhhh! FFTTWWW

  11. FvckingHardstyle says:

    i know traktor

  12. shab00gen says:

    Apparently in Russia, the beat dances to you, because it’s clearly not happening the other way around.

  13. Doktar Looney says:

    Am I the only one that saw Panich pass fini while fini was shuffling??

  14. Wow ,nice guys!!!!

  15. Sylvester Shuffler says:

    from where you got this Panich solo ?

  16. Sylvester Shuffler says:

    o would kill for panich style, soo fkn chill and amazing ; O

  17. samuel hayward says:

    being british and all i like theese shuffle

  18. 煌挺 张 says:

    How to download it?

  19. xseeker339 says:

    ofigenno sdelal! molodec :D s estonca

  20. Orlando Ramirez says:

    nice editing!! 😀

  21. The FINI Shuffle practice how long?

  22. Did you use any plugins or other Pragramms ?

  23. XxEVENTORExX says:

    T1M &’d Panich killed it.

  24. funkil runkil says:

    T1M je CAR

  25. T1M ~
    My favorite ~
    Is the most powerful

  26. noobplayer1 says:

    ahah no problem dude just trying too help out every1 😀

  27. Robert Kaniu Kijanka says:

    holy fuck, I was looking for that track over a year ;o thanks bro, love You ♥__♥

  28. noobplayer1 says:

    fuck i finally found the song for 3:50-5:00 Deck Teaser – Cranked (Lee Walls Remix)

  29. Hubcio255 says:

    tu już o każdy utwór proszą we wszystkich jezykach świata. KURWA DAJ TĄ TRACKLISTE.

  30. Elektrycznatv says:

    first song ? 😀

  31. TyronsBox says:

    best comp ever HR|Zeal

  32. Iuri Mattos says:


  33. Iuri Mattos says:


  34. Roberto Paixão says:

    Cadê a songlist? D:

  35. Gabriel Squinca Valle says:

    gostei muito da comp, diferente das outras, me chamou atenção ^^
    realmente curti a parte do Green, enfin, parabéns a todos, somente ótimos shufflers !

  36. noobplayer1 says:

    song list plz all the songs u have are amazing :L

  37. AnythingButHuman says:

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    Shipping Worldwide! and in many colors!..

  38. BlasEEE16 says:

    Song list pls :É

  39. אלכס ארגשוב says:

    wowwww cooool

  40. UzuMakI NandoO says:

    Wooww *-*
    Mt fodaa

    realmente Edição perfeita
    e a galere… Nuss Botô pa fud£r msm O/
    parabéns msm, vcs são phodas. ;p

  41. iWin4CreeD says:

    Thumbs up for no reason !! m/

  42. MikkiZHskDK says:

    hey bro nice video, whats track at 0:34 🙂

  43. Fritzebitze says:

    track at 6:40 ?

  44. 1:28 que musica é essa? 😛

  45. DreamChildx369 says:

    nice video!, can u tell the name of the song at 2:00 please? haha

  46. GabrieelmascariOFC says:

    there you can see , /watch?v=WQKM10dWq_0

  47. kick ass music too

  48. KaosForceGui says:

    foda foda foda foda foda, vaaaaaaaaalew upset õ/
    Aurora e mark ownam dms (Y)


  49. Mateus Ramon says:


    /watch?v=SBEwUk0AAXE  <------------------- /watch?v=SBEwUk0AAXE /watch?v=SBEwUk0AAXE