Part Russian can Shuffle! Edit by: Jesse My favorite Russian shuffle: Fizi Oper Teazy Crash Joker Nikki Kiss Dish

25 Responses to “Russian Shuffle Compilation 2”

  1. Alysson OverKill -q says:

    Very nice bro C: subback 😀

  2. ninjathordemon12 says:

    Dish is killing it

  3. Kai Lexow says:

    nicki kiss song??? pls (:

  4. Fizi – A.S.Y.S. - Bassturbation

    Oper – ?

    Teazy – ?

    Crash – Chris Dynasty – Subwayz[Tranztek Recordings]

    Joker – Dark By Design — Superstar

    Nikki Kiss – Kidd Kaos Chris Cook — Get Your Hands

    Dish – Spear – Rule this World (Redline Remix)

  5. Kikko DeadMus says:

    Can You Give Me The Song For Oper .?



  6. KERTyZMusicMix says:

    nikki kiss and dish song?? plz! ^^

  7. DannyBoyWins says:

    CRASH~~~ :DD

  8. TonyHardDancer says:

    Song at 3:45 ?

  9. Maddi Nogami says:

    song in intro please?!

  10. bhenchman08 says:

    2:22 Watch out, we got a bad ass over here!

  11. Ramonsayron says:

    Woow Nice shufflers!

    Sayron | Bass Masters

  12. 1:01 Snog Name?

  13. TyronsBox says:

    subscribed and favorited [: much love check out my channel. sub back maybe – Zeal

  14. CommunistSpyware says:

    I like the way the russian shufflers incorporated the red army dancers style in their repertoir. Dont know if this was pun intended but holy shit it looks awesome.

  15. Lex HeeDooM says:

    A*S*Y*S – Bassturbation

  16. @MrKaniu47 thx bro^^♥

  17. Robert Kaniu Kijanka says:

    It’s Crash 🙂 

  18. Krzychoo2025 says:

    pliz crash song 1:50

  19. Shuffler RincoN says:

    Киньте музон когда физи танцует плз)

  20. otlechno

  21. could you tell me what is his name 4th shuffler in intro? (he wears military cago pants.) plz~

  22. 煌挺 张 says:

    fizi is too cool!!!!!

  23. S2SAPINHU says:

    3:10 t1m behind loled

  24. NosUnlimited says:

    song during Oper, anybody?

  25. EmoXxNatIon says:

    Wuts the ending song.. Sounds pretty awesome ^^