This is compilation russian shuffler's Watch in 720 HD Please Rate and Comment ^^ sub and fav me:З Dance: Fizi Sequoia Fr...
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23 Responses to “Russian Shuffle Compilation – Part 1”

  1. Love the style !

  2. Niiiceee!!!

  3. EAJuninhO says:

    Nice video!
    eA| Junin

  4. hugo martinez says:

    dude … over any american(:

  5. TyronsBox says:

    1:40 <3 the camera is amazingggg :DD

  6. very need song list Released:))))))))))))

  7. Alejandro Salazar says:

    thanks<3 😀

  8. NisOneProd says:

    Kidd kaos- your hause

  9. GoShuffleCuhh says:

    @RussianRockers i didnt see that thanks

  10. RussianRockers says:

    There are 4 shufflers
    Read description

  11. Alejandro Salazar says:

    1st song?? the know the original is Organ Donors – Tranceplant

  12. Alejandro Salazar says:

    Thats Melbourne<3 Fuckerzz ;DDD Hardstyle Was always THE SHIT<3
    -||RM||<3 Skippy 3rd MH

  13. GoShuffleCuhh says:

    first third and fifth guy o___o

  14. Erik Estrada says:

    oh my god <333

  15. ela domin says:

    dang, that was amazing.


  16. Karina Martinez says:

    fuck i wish i lived in russia :’o
    sick ass shufflers
    -Lazyeye RK

  17. первый трек плз

  18. Spark1Tubexp says:


  19. 1:38 looks awesome

  20. Mussek CanShuffle says:

    neville triangle e,e

  21. DragoNcanShuffle says:

    Great comp! all the shufflers in it had some sweeeet styles! Just gotta love Russains <3

  22. HardStyleiMotion says:

    даже придраться не к чему:D

  23. Draven -nv says:

    на много лучше стал делать эдиты) красава)