This is compilation russian shuffler's Watch in 720 HD Please Rate and Comment ^^ sub and fav me:З Kris
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “Russian Shuffle Compilation part 2”

  1. Gazffer BX says:

    nice style (Y) Russ style 😀

  2. Dominant Methods says:

    Sick, 5/5 Subbed! DM | Jack

  3. Jonas Foss Elsgaard says:

    The track is: In2ition – Calling (Original Mix) I don’t get why people
    don’t tell the tracks they’re using.

  4. Stanislav 'Staza' Arzhanikav says:

    Amazing comp love the russians <3 wish i still lived there X) whats the
    first track? i hear it's by In2ition, but i can't be bothered finding it 🙂
    liked+faved+subbed ~Staza

  5. zombie got traktors style sickkk

  6. SticKshuffler says:

    Good comp :))

  7. wow nice edit man <3 I like this video -REX

  8. Nakit Bart says:

    thx bro 😉

  9. 1:59 that’s why i love russia so much

  10. William is trap?

  11. Daniel Greenleaf says:

    Zombie is awesome 😮 Love russian shufflers, they have the best styles <3

  12. Stanislav 'Staza' Arzhanikav says:

    Yeah true, i agree with that X) But come on everyone watches your vids for
    the sexyness and not the song 😉

  13. William shuffle says:

    thanks No1se SkZz|William

  14. Andre Serox says:

    nice comp 🙂 keep up ! -Ser0x

  15. TheACrydShuffler says:

    Sup Rex? -Rex

  16. Spark1Tubexp says:

    Nice ^^ SkZz Spark1

  17. Stanislav 'Staza' Arzhanikav says:

    cheers sometimes if you come across an amazing track you wouldn’t want
    everyone to spam the song in their videos

  18. Jonas Foss Elsgaard says:

    But hey, just because it’s amazing, it’s not YOUR track. The artist deserve
    all the credit, for his awesome music. I personally don’t care if the music
    is used by many, because, after all, its just a dancevideo 🙂 I always put
    my tracks in description, because i know people would be happy if they
    think its an amazing track! 🙂

  19. TyronsBox says:

    zombieeee killinn great comppp [: