1. TheJumpmaster5 says:

    Subbed love the video man! love the phatts -ShawnyWho|HDU

  2. Evgeny Moskovskikh says:

    Nice, really… And ty! – Hank

  3. nice

  4. HSDRamzes says:

    @HardWave96 Luca Antolini DJ – In My Dream (Remix 2007)
    Max_Enforcer_-_Gold. Armin van Buuren – Rain

  5. ZrShuffle says:

    меня тут нет, не прикольно=(

  6. Dennis Malorny says:

    1 Trackname Pls *Thumps Up* +Fav

  7. HSDRamzes says:

    @racmanov user/DLMJoker — its channel :))

  8. Justgame ChannelTV says:

    скиньте трэки ) пиздато ребят )

  9. HSDRamzes says:

    @Oper357 Thx =)

  10. Gr8 compilation, all shufflers are awesome. Do someone know Jocker’s
    youtrube acc, coz i can’t find it 🙂

  11. CWHpr0ducti0ns says:

    no offense but wuts up with the pants? is it the fashion in russia?

  12. hsbpaulinhoph says:

    Awesome complilation *–* +FAV

  13. Jakub Reece Hertel says:

    pierwszy typ ma zajebsity nick

  14. HSDRamzes says:

    @Polskadancer1 Luca Antolini DJ – In My Dream (Remix 2007)

  15. Mark Anthony says:

    Joker,Oper,Crash <3

  16. @CWHpr0ducti0ns its a shuffler thing it helps make the movements seem more