Sacco Compilation

##################READ################## IF YOU WANT THE VIDEO IN YOUR PC, DOWNLOAD HERE! : THANKS EVERYBODY! Here a video sacco's compilate dedicated for him ^^ Song List: 1: No more Fucking rock and roll - ASYS 2: My Story - Klone Z 3: Chainsaw Massacre - Rushtex 4: Three the hard way - Showtek vs DJ Gizmo 5: Farenheight - The KGB's 6: Three the hard way - Showtek vs DJ Gizmo 7: Dj Hixxy - Summer sensation 8: V Like Venusian - DJ Gius 9: Max B Grabt - No good 2005 10: Brennan Heart - Revival X 11: Always Black - Brainkicker vs Noisecontrollers Plz comment and rate =) ! Cya!

##################READ################## IF YOU WANT THE VIDEO IN YOUR PC, DOWNLOAD HERE! : THANKS EVERYBODY! Here a video compilation about Rocky when he did in HSA and now in HSJ ... i love your style Rocky xD The song name in the video "Brennan Heart - Memeto" is wrong 😛 is Brennan Heart - Memento xD Enjoy!
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48 Responses to “Sacco Compilation”

  1. Ikilledbenladen says:

    @ SendoaBumpingForLife: El stupido hijo de puta. That’s all I can say in spanish.

  2. Ilham Defra Nugraha says:

    fastest, hardest, wildest, epic legend shuffler

  3. SendoaBumpingForLife says:

    Que mierda es esta? si parece que le estan dando ataques!! jajaja a quien coño le puede gustar esta basura? xD

  4. Cory Peltier says:

    HSA my bro Cory Peltier is pretty good actually more than good I think hes good like yall 😀 if we ever make a vid of Cory the name of the vid will be Cory Shuffling

  5. matias astete says:

    sacco are my favorite shuffler

  6. VilluShuffler says:

    I remember this video from the very beginning, this is really on of the greatest shuffle videos from back then.

  7. Ulices morales grek says:

    3:00 its meetup??

  8. Blahzayify says:


  9. thewilbeur21 says:

    yeeeeeaaaaaa que buen video shuffle 4 ever

  10. Blahzayify says:


  11. Halographix says:

    @Humvee600. I have literally tried to find Out The third song(Chainsaw Massacre) for a long time & I thank you sir, you have made my week.

  12. Halographix says:

    Sacco beats Mikki easily. Sacco vs Francis or Rocky, idk but I could beat all of them. Jk.

  13. GoshujinsamaNoBAKA says:


  14. i wish they had better hq vids i want to see hat it would look like???

  15. Diego Alavardo says:

    por dios sacco eres tu!!! soy jango enseñame bro!!!

  16. songs at 1:05 and 3:06 ?plz

  17. MRRedominus says:

    Sacco, then mikki then Francks

  18. Cheers!

  19. Rocky

  20. Sacco – Francis – Mikki
    who is the best?

  21. ^_^ So many memories…..i used to watch this guy shuffle for hours! Now five months later im even better than him. Thx for the inspiration sacco! Hardstyle forever!!!!!

  22. Lol @ 3:35
    That looks awesome. Shuffler house party lol. That dude just walks out nonchalantly.

  23. ClassicBlob says:

    I doesnt my shuffling look like this…. Must be the Phats need some..

  24. Like A HSA says:

    rocky you´r so sweet and a very good shuffler<3

  25. XoPOOKIEoX says:

    song at the beginning

  26. MrTecktonikboky says:

    1: Dark By Design & SMG – Lost in The Dark
    2: Kat – Gimme Da Bass
    3: Citizen – If I Say Stop
    4: Max B Grant – No Good 2005
    5: Max B Grant – Hardstyle Champion
    6: Brenna Heart – Memento
    7: Brian NRG – NRG Land
    8: The Raider – Miss Kidman ( Fidelio Mix )
    9: Shingo DJ – I’m A Hardstyler

  27. Abdismeo624135 says:

    4:56 song ?

  28. no dif kid

  29. 0:00-0:37 so sick!!!

  30. byob987651 says:

    fucking lmfao and their pice of shit music and they are bad at shuffling also they have FAKE ASS SWAG!!!! and they ruined hardstyle

  31. elitekiller0001 says:

    hell yeah bro =) to bad they don’t shuffler anymore =(

  32. Anthony HS says:

    after a year of shuffling i still say Damn you rocky for bein so good 🙂 

  33. i was i was as good as rocky but i am a army cadet 2290 bcr dukes but you are very good and cool pants

  34. tittyboys99 says:

    Name of second song?

  35. hey guys! check out my vids 🙂 im trying to get some views on my videos so id really appreciate it if youd go check it out 😀 thanks and happy shufflin!!

  36. Oscar Hernandez says:

    chido video rockie

  37. So when I was seven, wishing I didn’t have to learn long division, this epicness was happening! I feel sorry for myself… XD

  38. Fortunus94 says:

    lol @ 1:58
    PAUSE THE HARDSTYLE.. flail the hands about lackadaisically… and… BEGIN!


  40. plz check out my shuffle vids! i havent been shuffling for very long so id be nice to have some feedback on how im doing 🙂 thanks in advance! 🙂


  42. Michael Schad says:

    Everywhere HeatWave equipment everywhere <3
    Rocky youre awesome and very fast but i think francis is a bit better, sry

  43. what is the first song?

  44. dont 4get abt the cameras they used also!!

  45. hidden man says:

    Shuffling with socks liek a BWA$

  46. Hixo Shuffler says:


  47. FabulaRecords says:

    dont know what your said, i think its better that i dont know it, but what i want to say to you is, that the Songs are in the Credits, thats why your a stupid guy.

  48. Bziot Adam says:

    My respect for u my friend.