JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: Old School compilation we made early last year. hope you enjoy!

7 Responses to “Shuffle compilation 2011 – Hardstyle Intoxicated (HSI)”

  1. Cooper Anderson says:

    U guys are so much better now 🙂

  2. Gauthier seynave says:

    Yeah, nice shuffle i like it – ErrOr

  3. Wow maxxy this is so old you haha xD You and your boys have gotten so much
    better!!! <3 y'all lots 🙂 Markoyzzzz

  4. Nicee 😉 Songs list. Please.

  5. mrimpalaboy says:

    Very Nice guys you got some sweet talent ! Keeping shuffle alive !! -Your
    Brisbane brother -BE/Amnezia

  6. Cooper Anderson says:

    I am as good as u guys wer back then

  7. DHS -Olavski says:

    what was the first song