These are just some of my favorite shufflers, Enjoy! i do not own any of the music in this video.

10 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation | 2013”

  1. Gelest Colin says:

    Nate <3 awesome style

  2. lusters101 says:

    Great comp! can we have a song list please =)

  3. Tako Nathan and Kriptoh tho3

  4. RealZ Shuffle says:

    not gunna lie but this is also my fav 😀

  5. TheManga444 says:

    Is it bad that I don’t know who any of these cats are? XD accept dusktape

  6. emmanuel hinojosa says:

    you kinda shuffle like jinjin haha

  7. MegaPhungus says:

    Nice selection!

  8. Bolt Shuffles says:

    nice comp.!
    song at 7:07?! c:

  9. Carlos Vazquez says:

    most of them are from BN xD

  10. Oʟɪ Joɴcɑs - Deejɑɴos says:

    Nice edit, nice shufflers, nice song, (Bass neurotic style ;p)