Cali Shuffle (With MAS inspiration) Shufflers in orders - Shufflers' channel 0:45 - TAKO - 3:34 - ICEE -
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation 2013 – Mas | Cali”

  1. aha I am obsessed with Gera’s clip

  2. TimAAAH100 says:

    Wow Guss and Gera’s style is smooth as hell! Good job

  3. RIOTVIRUS says:

    Lol I know exactly where the first dude is shuffling. I never really was a fan of this style though. Hardstyle and Hardtrance for life <3

  4. robert redding says:

    jack has the old school mas style everyone does
    the rest all have the La style which is pretty much making up your own

    but its all 2 step just smoother

  5. it is 2 step, trust me it may not look like it but it is

  6. This type of shuffle dont worm with hard music.

  7. Songs could have been harder :T

  8. Tako is very good

  9. Carlos Vazquez says:

    exactly :L

  10. OverNotPowered says:

    … IDC…

  11. Carlos Vazquez says:

    its 2 step lol

  12. Neto Rocha says:

    OMG !!
    nice comp;


  13. MegaPhungus says:

    You make a lot of compilations, I’d like to see a Canada compilation 😉 or even me xD

  14. angelowsalzer says:

    omg, love the songlist, the dancers, all!


  15. OverNotPowered says:

    and russian style have 2 steps too….. and old styleand true MAS…

  16. OverNotPowered says:

    oli, u know that these people dont have a RM with 2 steps, is only 1 step….

  17. KubatovZs says:

    Is very good
    The music is crazy 😀 😀 😉 😉