Hi! My new compilation for you =)! Like + Coments + Fav Melbourne Shuffle 2k12 - MAS STYLE Shufflers:Panich,Zebra,Melanholy,Fallen,Gill,Fizi,Aurora Edit by: ...

WATCH IN HD-- Shuffler : - Sonic ; http://www.youtube.com/user/SonicOficcial - Skywave ; http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJ3RERvsKI4abH8LbUjYWA - Styck ; ...
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46 Responses to “SHUFFLE COMPILATION 2k12 – MAS STYLE”

  1. whats the track at 0:49 ?

  2. DarkwaveShufflez says:


  3. Kristian Jyden says:

    Found it!
    Zebra song – Mike Steventon – Vibrations (Josh Lang Remix)

  4. Kristian Jyden says:

    The song at 2:15? anyone? 🙂

  5. Evan Tarvis says:

    Why not both?.. MINDDDD FUCKKKK!~

  6. krizhin THR says:

    в этом видео в минуту не является 5:56 AURORA
    Он является SMAK u.u

  7. Erik Bäckman says:

    Love this video, dunno how many times i’ve watched it ! pur amazing .. Sub back?

    – eboi

  8. XxYopandaxX says:

    i can’t tell if i like aus or mas now haha

  9. ELECTRON1iCK says:

    Плиззз название интро трека дай!!!

  10. 4:43~5:02 song?

  11. ELECTRON1iCK says:

    Плизз название интро трека!!!

  12. HarderRagestyle says:

    damn this was just beautiful 😀

  13. Will the secondary song and third song?? Thank you!!

  14. ALeeh ALX desing says:

    really enjoyed the comp, I’ll download it
    is my shonho appear on a compilation like this.
    sub back?
    ALeeH BAg || TIHP || BD

  15. victorodsxD says:

    5:54 this guy is not aurora is Black !!!

  16. Marcos Henrique says:

    Panich Mas???

  17. Shuffler k-chorro says:

    5:54 Is Black NO ”Aurora”

  18. alien junior says:

    sub back bro

  19. HardStylerz ILLUSION says:

    song of zebra?

  20. tuntunprify l says:

    If you people can gave me the name of the song that fini dances 😀

    Mega great video edit and songs.
    panich , fallen , zebra ,but my favorite fini 😀

  21. John Mickunas says:

    Great Compilation! i’ll sub and everything, but for fucks sake just put up the tracklist!
    We love you! bye.

  22. Song name 4:43? <3

  23. SonicOficcial says:

    thanks for addme bro *-*


  24. zenX Presents says:

    awesome !!!

    Subback Please??

  25. Halesson Menezes says:

    liked broh
    Massive SooM

  26. Redominus10 says:

    I FUCKING LOVED IT, fuck the sound its an amazing comp

  27. ReksShuffle says:

    Yeah bro, sorry for bad sound:( btw thanks for comment;)

  28. ReksShuffle says:

    Thanks for comment bro;D

  29. Thanks for adding me in your video 😉
    Nice edit, bad sound quality :c

  30. Aleejandro Hernandez says:

    no te enojes pues 🙂

  31. Aleejandro Hernandez says:

    y yo? D:

  32. 15Umbriel says:

    thanks for putting me brother Reks, good job and very nice compilation AUS Style ♥


  33. ReksShuffle says:

    yeahh, thanks for comment bro ;D

  34. ReksShuffle says:

    Thanks for coment bro ;D

  35. ReksShuffle says:

    Yeah i love this trach bro ;D

  36. ReksShuffle says:

    Thanks bro*-*

  37. Skywave Shuffler says:

    awsome <3 thanx for putting me man :D, great comp!

  38. LuckyShuffle303 says:

    Nice video bro *-*

    - LUCKY

  39. Radissol .Blue says:

    Nice very nice! thx for putting me brother :33
    – Radissol

  40. ReksShuffle says:

    thanks bro ;D

  41. ReksShuffle says:

    i don’t know.

  42. ReksShuffle says:

    Thanks trick ;D

  43. Track of radissol! Like!
    nice video brother… AUS style is simple and Amazing!

  44. *-* AUS style!! ♥ nice!!

  45. NK l HSR sTrAtOx shuffler says:

    Amazing compilation bro !! like and fav <3

    l sTrAtOx l

  46. PresentsMK says:

    Nice xD