READ THIS* Shuffle comp. with a few friends and the video has more than just 07 styled shufflers, even though the majority of them are but that because i am...

sorry for off beat! shit edit πŸ™ ~SUBSCRIBE~ song: 1.Linkin Park - Not Alone 2.S.H.O.K.K and Nick The Kid - Daydreams...
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39 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation | ALL STYLES || UNITY”

  1. Zach//Raveordie94 says:

    you should throw me in one torzah πŸ˜‰ -Zach

  2. Zach//Raveordie94 says:

    love your new phats brah

  3. Zach//Raveordie94 says:

    mah boy collin my fav

  4. The S.S. Gamer says:


  5. What song for my clip? Also I loved this compilation. One of the better
    ones I’ve seen lately.

  6. TheManga444 says:

    ew? πŸ˜› nigga you shuffled better than jinjin in that clip

  7. Darkshuffle says:

    luha be like … okaai guiiiz nao im spain a lil and then ima fail trip and
    fall ! weeeeeeiii xD

  8. nice compilation! :3

  9. sick

  10. Matt Arion says:

    Or longer phats that cover your feet better.

  11. FearLess9222 says:


  12. And where I am ?:D

  13. Gelest Colin says:

    Sick torzah πŸ™‚

  14. XxRonnShufflerxX says:

    Niceeee :3 . Thanks for putting me in man. xD, I look shorter than usual.

  15. Zach//Raveordie94 says:

    this a great comp πŸ™‚ some of my team mates are in it! πŸ˜€ collins a beast

  16. Theco Shuffle says:


  17. TheManga444 says:

    thanks spectra πŸ™‚

  18. She’s got a good style developing but yeah needs to work on speed or dance
    to slower stuff.

  19. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    Yes but rythm is the basic of dance :/ And now, I find people think dance
    offbeat isn’t a problem πŸ™ People don’t take this defect seriously, but
    there are 3 years they did it. Look at the comment : Who speak about
    offbeat … no one. Only “good”, “nice”, ‘awesome”, “sick” but never
    negative point. People can’t be better with that ! People are scared to
    hurt other, but there is a big difference between advice and personal
    attack. And often, people who writte juste a “nice” don’t care about video

  20. I totally agree mate.

  21. Matt Arion says:

    Hmm, some people look better without phats. I think you are one of them
    bro. If you love your phats, you should get some that are more loose and
    floppy. After seeing your your style without phats, loose phats that bend
    and flex and aren’t as heavy would really compliments your running man and

  22. kas9556hoihoi says:

    You made a good compilation vid^^ Jackie-EAH//BE//STE

  23. Nice! Good shuffler ! Good compilation! -Spectra-

  24. Troy Jennings says:

    SOrry for not subbing yoiu back earlier πŸ˜€ awesomesacue vid btw c:

  25. minyshuffle says:

    ew why did you use that clip .-.

  26. what fix you remix is that ???

  27. ReksShufflers906 says:

    Your editing is great bro! nice compilation πŸ™‚ liked and fav! -Reks

  28. MegaPhungus says:

    This video came out yesterday.

  29. songlist plz.

  30. minyshuffle says:

    oh yea i know i saw it but like you know some videos that are uploaded
    yesterday would have atleast like 10 views

  31. IPT Shuffler says:

    Bro, the edit is great! ~Javin

  32. aTrueHardstyle says:

    desricp :3

  33. D0minat3ful says:

    This is amazing man, thank you so much! it’s put together quite well so
    don’t worry about the off beatness! haha thanks again man, it’s really good
    πŸ™‚ -Corzza!

  34. CHLISHardDance says:

    Nice Edit and great Shuffler *-* it’s Cool !! // Chlis

  35. minyshuffle says:

    50 views? wtf? this video needs more views braw

  36. MegaPhungus says:

    I was just wondering if anyone would make a compilation of him πŸ˜› One of my
    favorite shufflers, and an awesome guy to know. Love ya Corey! <3 Awesome
    video :Phungus

  37. aTrueHardstyle says:

    I can not say anything, just to say “you still awesome bro” and Thanks for
    comment πŸ˜€

  38. aTrueHardstyle says:


  39. nice compilation !!