Shuffle Compilation By Flips VS 2010

it all started with Winter fresh 2009.... and shuffling has brought to me many interesting people, best friends, and a side of me iv never seen before. Withi...

25 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation By Flips VS 2010”

  1. Dave O'toma says:

    1st song name? Would appreciate it man!

  2. Jorge Espino says:

    That’s some nice sliding you do there

  3. Adrey Santos says:

    @rudyf2387 yay yaeee!! thats not even all of it yo. got more comming up!
    where you been at?

  4. Adrey Santos says:

    @BoomBoxxLA ohh im not stopping anytime soon brah. haha moving onto some
    faster heavy shit πŸ˜€

  5. shoj silva says:

    1:26 was crkn!!!! keep it up!!

  6. Adrey Santos says:

    @eternalistorm bahahaha thats funny you knew. and yeah there the exterra
    mooto ones πŸ˜€ they make delicious PJ’s !! lol

  7. 4dank2mano says:

    @ViciousFlips yea dawgg did u ever get a new phone?

  8. Adrey Santos says:

    @Tetos ayeee looks like some vicious foot work you got going on there!
    looks dope. but i couldnt really watch it. the video was fucking up :[

  9. 5:26 = <3

  10. youre good ^-^

  11. Adrey Santos says:

    @pattyy001 fuhhhckkkinnnngggg thanksss πŸ˜€ hahah

  12. daren kaye Ü says:

    Extremely awesome xD Nice shuffling as ever! Fumino – Hz | ube

  13. PIGLETSTER91 says:


  14. BoomBoxxLA says:

    fuck, beast ass flips$s haha doope ass vid(: keep the shuffling goin’
    -BoomBoxx [MT]

  15. you’re style’s so clean n you have nice variettyy :] and your flipping
    skills are amazing haha! hope you didn’t hurt yourself at the end :/

  16. Adrey Santos says:

    @ViciousShakes haha thats all going into the hardstyle footages. bahahha.

  17. Randall Gomez says:

    this shit is going on my FAVORITES BRO shit is beast i wish i could shuffle
    that good, chek out the shuffle vids not that good but working on it keep
    up the good work hope to see more

  18. Priestley Jade says:

    @ViciousFlips I think I might of saw you lol… shook ur hand cus I had a
    lil sypher at Love Fest…. there was this 1 black dood REAL tall who was
    super uncordinated but he was having a good time ahahha… then I was there

  19. clean vid bro πŸ˜› but i think you could be a sick ass break dancer too ha

  20. Henry Sanchez says:

    does anyone know the name of the first song?? i want the song so i can bang
    my head to!!

  21. Edgar Leano says:

    dam man you tore that shit up! trying to slow down my rythm so i can be a
    bit smooth, and you kill its with those slides! ill eventually get em. keep
    the art going.

  22. Your backflips are bad ass πŸ˜€ -Thesis

  23. This was sick!! Props(:

  24. Adrey Santos says:

    @hilabeat06 i wont ever forget that.

  25. escamilla751 says:

    sick ass flips πŸ˜€ -EFFES JWD <3