Remenbering the great times , just this , nothing serious I put myself in the video because it was watching my old videos so felt like making this video comp...
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14 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation – Just REMEMBERING”

  1. Kro Shuffle says:

    yeah i remember :D!

  2. CrutialProductions says:

    Remembering* lol

  3. ALeeh ALX desing says:

    lol, massa 🙂 só não gosto daquele meu vídeo KKKKK 😛

  4. Randommann8 says:

    Song for Virus plz? And amazing video btw

  5. Felipew Ferreira says:

    bom, quase todos são MAS =( Mas o video ta dahora lol todos dançam mt bem
    =D belo comp! Liked

  6. Darius Sant says:

    Aleeh é um monstro do shuffle…na moral.

  7. Yoshi Scolley says:

    Great comp ;)) ‘ – Scolley

  8. Woooow nice

  9. S.I.G.N bmx says:

    very nice

  10. Walas Andrade says:

    Queria ver o ALLEH dançando com esses estilo . ### Nice SaaM

  11. RBPresents says:

    É sempre bom relembrar!!! <3

  12. Artur Burczyński says:

    Great Compilation 🙂

  13. daniel carrillo says:

    nice compilation song list *o*

  14. Nice Compilation!