Here it is, My second comp (: Hope you like it. . comment what you think and like if you like it (: Shufflers In Order. T1m - Le...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation [Songlist Released]”

  1. david purcell says:

    this video scared the shit out of me :L

  2. matasthe2k8 says:

    @abecadariun is that good or bad? xD

  3. Eddie Crespo says:

    dis some gud shuffling bro…. i like the dark vibe of da video to

  4. GetUpShuffle says:

    hey awesome editing bro! thanks for adding me to comp i really appreciate
    it ! like, fav BN Getup

  5. matasthe2k8 says:

    @NaimTheAeonHeart Yah I noticed that when i uploaded lol Srry :/

  6. imingunit1 says:

    this is litterally the best compilation i have ever seen! next vid= this
    song haha, ive watched this lyk 8 times now =D maaaad edit bro!

  7. sharkyonaleash . says:

    great edit haven’t enjoyed watching a shuffle video this much in a long
    time 😉

  8. very good vid)))

  9. RBPresents says:

    Lelo & Psycho owned! T1M u’re one of my favorites shufflers! (: Nice comp,
    really good! god job! – Ruy

  10. psychopresents says:

    nice comp 😀

  11. RESISTANCE Prod says:

    very nice! – Denim

  12. abecadariun says:

    @matasthe2k8 the shuffle was great, but the face coming at the screen
    scared me.

  13. matasthe2k8 says:

    @Mauroinsanity Thank You (:

  14. fk yeah, all shufflers are great, good taste and freakin’ awesome edit,
    totally like it

  15. matasthe2k8 says:

    @Infinityanno Thank You (:

  16. matasthe2k8 says:

    @MswThe Thanks alot (:

  17. Christian Sanchez says:

    Omg im in love with this video<3 😀

  18. Hi ;]] Nice channel Godlike video bro!!! I sub, like and favorite this
    video, ok? HSQ | Fant1k | From Russia with love… <3

  19. Glayvid Santos says:

    IMPRESSIVE HIS EXPENSIVE EDITION! One of the improvements that already saw
    until today! Parabêns you are good in what does! I liked that video a lot!
    I enjoyed *——— * Glayvid SF|Hz

  20. jack mcqueen says:

    Holy dam, Loving that editing. Good shuffle to kids, fairly dam hard. 10/10

  21. niam looks retarded but good video at all^^

  22. omg!!!! i watch this on full screen 2:42 this scare me!! haha GREAT EDIT!

  23. matasthe2k8 says:

    @Karpeev73 sure 🙂 And ty 🙂

  24. @JUMS888 Sinith, Ultraform & Geck-o – Surrounded By Three

  25. Pretty chill and stylish, keep it up.