1st generation YouTube shufflers. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at wedancehard.com
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23 Responses to “Shuffle Shakedown – compilation”

  1. DadashDerHerzen says:

    the guy @ 7:05: THUMBS UP – I LIKE!

  2. PunchAPeach says:

    umm, actually people were shuffling to house before hardstyle came along. I’m not saying that LMFAO came first, certainly not. But shuffling to their genre of music did. I’m pretty sure hardstyle wasn’t around in the early 90’s.

  3. amsscorpio says:

    This is the ORIGINAL shuffling technique. now we got all these dumbasses dancing like this to electro…fuck LMFAO for distorting the origins of the music.

  4. PunchAPeach says:

    ah ok

  5. PunchAPeach says:

    what’s clept?

  6. modestforward says:

    Skills! Wish it was better quality though 🙁

  7. TheCamsolo79 says:

    seriously y all the venom in the posts……if love the hardstyle you shouldn’t hate on others that do as well……and if you don’t keep it to yourself….fukkin’ haterz

  8. niebundanut says:


  9. Epic stuff @5:53 . Love that style.

  10. melbshflr247 says:

    love the shuffling at 6:52 😀

  11. SickHardstyleLaw says:

    Pae at 8:08 🙂

  12. SickHardstyleLaw says:

    i agree.

  13. I think first is the best, I love he uses one foot mainly, like I did back in the days 😛

  14. Skill4Swiss says:

    1st song is members of gay day – citizens where can i download that vid

  15. StanCan Shuffle says:

    just shut the fuck up 😛

  16. no he looks like a dumb mexicunt

  17. lickaclitasorous says:

    dude at 1:20 is good, i like his style

  18. Michael Hawkins says:

    Good music but fuck the dancing sucks

  19. Littlefischi says:

    6:10 still
    Black is Back-Pitchers

  20. LivingOnTheCokeSide says:

    Pae takes ’em all to shuffle school! 😀

  21. LivingOnTheCokeSide says:

    Pitchers – Black Is Back

  22. Michal Koudela says:

    Pae is KING !!!!!!!

  23. lemontree24 says:

    song at 6:10 please =)