Sicky Shuffle Compilation 2011 | Songlist Released

READ DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey guys! I just made this compilation of Sicky - I hope you like this video and enjoy aswell! TRACKLIST: 1) 00:04 - 00:55 - Deepforces - Paranoid (Original mix) 2) 00:56 - 02:00 - DJ Medowz - After Hours Club (Nomad Remix) 3) 02:01 - 02:49 - Jan Fleck - Turn Red 4) 02:50 - 03:33 - Tube Tonic - Try (Club Mix) 5) 03:34 - 04:51 - Linkin Park - In The End (Hardstyle Bootleg) 6) 04:52 - 05:44 - Joe-E & KloneZ - Virus Attack 7) 05:45 - 07:11 - Luca Antolini - Energize 2011 (Extended Mix) 8) 07:12 - 08:07 - UNKNOWN http - Andrew
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a few vids of Sacco shuffling Songs in order: ASYS - Nightmare Josh & Wesz - House Music KGB'S - Fahrenheit Mindkillers - Make it Ruff Headhunterz -D-Tuned Donkey Rollers - Hardstyle Rockers Builder - Hardbeat Market Unknown Technoboy - Into Deep (Rocco & Bass - T) Axel Coon - Lamenting City KAT - Gimme da bass Davide Sonar - Direct Line Thanks for watching SUBSCRIBE LIKE FAVORITE SHARE

49 Responses to “Sicky Shuffle Compilation 2011 | Songlist Released”

  1. Metalicspark says:

    I cant beleive how fast you are at 4:56 *Mindblown*

  2. junghun72 says:

    7:12 ~ 8:
    What artist,song?

  3. Nathaniel Taylor says:

    most shufflers are white no racist,but its wierd

  4. @SHONDENE100 He’s from brazil in case you were still wondering.

  5. Karla Vanessa Shuffle says:

    Bello stylo*-* like!

    -Karla’ SooM Crew

  6. kamizakes1 says:

    Dança muito maninho

  7. SHONDENE100 says:

    Yo Bro Where Is This Guy From Hes Deadly(:

  8. LeeeroyJenkems says:

    EPIC shuffle best since mikki imo…I would love to see this video with some more faster paced upbeat hardstyle like Int Company, or Frontliner….would be some good shit!!

  9. hiimjesus123 says:

    I really like your hand movements and how they match your feet. Kinda like a puppet master sort of thing. I strive for that but you have it mastered dude. You really are the greatest shuffler I’ve seen in a while. You topped T1M.

  10. Go to kriptoh better every body

  11. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Thanks bro! <3

  12. hiimjesus123 says:

    Nice ass shuffle dude. I’m gonna watch your vids all the time now!

    AOH//HSP// Fry

  13. epic

  14. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Description :)

  15. paddyf0rre5t says:


  16. TyronsBox says:

    mind blowinggg.

  17. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    Sicky u r always AMAZING!!  HSL – (Disciple)

  18. Emiliano Martinez says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 thank you!

  19. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Sony Vegas Pro 🙂

  20. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Thanks bro! :p

  21. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Indeed :p

  22. Emiliano Martinez says:

    ey komo se llama el programa k usas para editar

  23. OTHardstyleTO says:

    Heheh andrew , ur voice is awesome xD

  24. Krylon Blue says:

    wow!!! y shufflin SOOOOOOOOOOO FAST

  25. TheMigueloucura says:

    missing two songs in the playlist!
    i wait have helped!
    i’m big fan him too!

    Showtek – Early soundz, Dizmaster – Intoxicated

  26. Mariana O says:

    Its better Wing than him

  27. Stjepan Melsa says:

    that two guys from lmfao dislike this XD

  28. Cody Hillock says:

    1:48 is hardcore. That’s a lot of expression in a simple move.

  29. henkkarytimexz says:

    He is good but rocky is best

  30. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    he is my favourite shuffler too 🙂

  31. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    Axel Coon – Lamenting city

  32. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    He is

  33. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    He did not pass away because i still talk to him on facebook.

  34. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    good to know man

  35. SHONDENE100 says:

    DJ R1sk :D

  36. unthinkablemind says:

    What’s his Dj name….?

  37. SHONDENE100 says:

    Yeah That Sucks…. Hes A DJ Know..

  38. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    Yeah i know 🙁 to bad he doesn’t shuffle anymore aii

  39. SHONDENE100 says:

    4:00 is the latest shuffle he did…..

  40. RunescapeZkid says:

    sacco is so cool :p

  41. Damon Basaraba says:

    He passsed away last year in a car accident.

  42. xxxEmoxxxDreamerxxx says:

    Last I heard was that these guys are at least 20 years old and kind of moved on….=/ I miss him too 🙁

  43. Jason Contreras says:

    what ever happen to sacco=[

  44. Ed Zimmerman says:

    Sacco can shuffle faster than I fap..

  45. Carlo Antonio says:

    Unknow song at 3:05 Showtek – Early Sounds

  46. sacco is my favorite shuffler !!!

  47. kagetokiK says:

    What is the song at 4:23? Does anyone know?

  48. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    That is called Josh & Wesz – House Musik 🙂

  49. TheResistance92 says:

    What’s the sing around the 43 second mark? Awesome shuffling xD