Hello guys ! I made this video because these shufflers are my favorite and also they are very unique for me. Also i have never seen an SMOOTH STYLE melbourne...
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25 Responses to “SMOOTH STYLE – Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2013 #1”

  1. makeithardearl says:

    appreciated thank you so much bro! 😉


  2. Ndarproductions says:

    Agree with you ;D Thanks for the comment 😉

  3. Maximillian Fleischmann says:

    Beautiful place, great shufflers, chill music, I like this.

  4. sharkyonaleash . says:

    another great comp from you 🙂

  5. Ndarproductions says:

    Ian Fever - Autumn =)

  6. Flox please stop being sexy.

  7. Agreed as well.

  8. the song with chi goes on?

  9. Ndarproductions says:

    Miss him so much too :'(
    Indeed , he was one of the best in America.

  10. Ndarproductions says:

    o_0 didn’t expected that you will see this video and comment also ;D I’m your fan man , that’s why I’d put you into the comp :)

  11. I sure miss Andreezy (First shuffler) he was one of the few shufflers that were good in America.

  12. makeithardearl says:

    thanks man for putting me in 🙂

    – sensei

  13. nice brother!! awesome cop 😀 subbed subback ?? 🙂


  14. Check my videos out :)?

  15. Ndarproductions says:

    Thanks ! ;D

  16. The last track is Van Der Karstem - Human Nature (Backslash Vs Mikkas Remix)


  17. Lasse Bækkel says:

    The last one must be something with mikkaz 😉

  18. Ndarproductions says:

    So here is the tracklist
    1) Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive
    2) Airbase – City People
    3) Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
    4) Ian Fever - Autumn
    5) Ercola & Heikki L – Deep At Night (Adam K & Soha Remix)
    6) Unknow (btw. help me to find out this song)

  19. Ndarproductions says:

    heh , thanks ;D

  20. Lasse Bækkel says:

    nice you got some of my friends in it! 😀 nice comp n_n


    btw.. whats the tracklist?

  21. Ndarproductions says:

    Ian Fever – Autumn

  22. love this compilation!! can anyone tell me song name at 3:18??

  23. Blackopskiller859 says:

    Sensi is shuffling on a boat!!! EPICNESS!!!!

  24. great compilation :3
    thx for putting me in 🙂
    like !

  25. Alex Castro says:

    This a great compilation, really awesome!