shuffle compilation of me that i put together with lots of videos from around the internet, be sure to look up EDA extreme dance alliance on facebook and you...

19 Responses to “Snoopiiz Melbourne Shuffle Compilation/Timeline”

  1. who the hell disliked this? doesnt make sense to me cuz this is fuckin

  2. FUCK DUDE! that shit was epic. im starting to work on my compilation. and i
    already got a SICK intro to the next EDA meetup. i think imma just use it
    for this saturday. and yo, im diggin the fact that you threw in shit from
    EDA meetup ZERO! lol, thats the name i gave the “first”” meetup when it was
    made. that….and THE GENESIS (oh shhiiiitttttt, thats ME!)

  3. @stickymuck50001 Thanks 🙂 check out my other vids too.

  4. Andy Jackson says:

    awesome stuff 🙂

  5. @ExtremeDanceAlliance lol yea weve all gotten fuckin soooo beast!!!

  6. @ninjajwash Yea this summer should be full of meets, and plenty of fun
    ^.,,.^ and thanks that means a lot 😀 Songs: Ivan Carsten- Bumpin Hard
    (Technoboy remix) 4 strings- diving Toneshifterz- cant fail Toneshifterz &
    Noisecontrollers- Jaydee

  7. @ExtremeDanceAlliance so pretty much…i AM EDA WOAH! epic EDA video idea.

  8. btshuffle says:

    Yeah sick comp bro:) you make such a great job, like it!!! ~Escape~

  9. Huh .__.?

  10. @btshuffle Thanks dude ^.,,.^

  11. @stickymuck50001 Thanks dude 🙂 check out my other vids too

  12. James Jones says:

    sick work bro

  13. @MHSslider96 lol so i can get lots of views :3 yeeee

  14. CallMiSoko says:

    yo song @ 3:40??? it’s soko. hahahah

  15. @ExtremeDanceAlliance I know, I hate Trolls too,

  16. @stickymuck50001 Thanks dude 🙂 check out my other vids too.

  17. Andy Jackson says:

    sure thing 😛

  18. Little Geoff says:

    fucken fags looks like boot schooting

  19. Lol this is super old, check out my new stuff :p