new year, new compilation, about time i made another one. 😀 eat your beef, keep it plur. roflmaool Hilabeat BobbyPin Jenni Xochitl Bianca Ceci Liz Briana El...
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25 Responses to “SoCAL Girls Can Shuffle Compilation Pt 2”

  1. I Think Sadie & Melona Are The Best Ones They Get Down♥. Thumbs Up If You
    Agree ^_^ -ThatKidZane (Solo]

  2. leon hutchinson says:

    Ppl like u are ruinig the shuffle,it not your bad at shuffling but that u
    just dance without feeling,remember express not impress.

  3. @VanessaAmerie001 just saw that comment ha oll from 3 months ago. thanks!

  4. Melona was the only best one!!!:D the rest does the same things over and
    over.. . My opinion:o

  5. do i have to watch the whole thing to tell you i love it? lol ur doing ur
    thing and i like it, wish i had the balls u have, nice stuff! now to sit
    back and watch til the end

  6. Squeaks0420 says:

    damn these girls are fuckin sick! but the Melb girls are my faves Melb>MAS
    all day haha

  7. saddie is my favorite<3

  8. ohhhh! cool shit [; whoever is after me, @ 1:22, is awesomely intense!

  9. James Valdez says:

    @ayewanrice nope not cwalking. theres different variations of “shuffling”.
    these are just a few styles.

  10. Joseph Franco says:

    This video is sick!!!!!

  11. DCpaintballDC says:

    How the hell did I get to shuffling?

  12. dancerfreak171 says:

    I’ve seen better :l

  13. youngstar986 says:

    hey i have a video to this song lol 😀

  14. cocoa926453 says:

    The foreign friends, Hello, I am Chinese Melbourne shuffle dance lovers,
    and hope you to make friends, my MSN Is Thank you

  15. annettepf18 says:

    @ViciousShakes -very cool video

  16. James Valdez says:

    @LoveAshleyyyy you already know you wouldve been in it!!! im sure you still
    got it 😀 get some new footage

  17. rockodadog says:

    all i got say is woooow.XD and good song

  18. not bad ;D pretty mad you are Xp

  19. James Valdez says:

    @flowers1371 didnt i say i gotchu?? lol <3 holding it down for all the SD
    shufflers down there.

  20. i am in love with 5:36 :):)

  21. James Valdez says:

    @flemus49 yessir started with that convo at corral

  22. I LOVE YOU!

  23. fattyloveskutie says:

    Melona <3 (Y)

  24. LissyOHnsyoursoul says:

    damn 5:30!

  25. James Valdez says:

    @rafa112192 your part is crucial in the video 😀