Blake , Jarrad And Enzio Nice day went out for a quick rock! TAGS : shuffling hardstyle reverse bass len we dance hard NR newcalste rockers LMFAO running man 2011 HD how to best dancing moves hat boy jarrad alalmbie sydney music qdance defqon cars loud new amazing magic slide DC break techno shuffle rocking melbourne old school how to running man new HD best compilation len wedancehard newcastle rockers brenton hiltzy pae sarah LMFAO party rock anthem every day im shuffling facebook twitter qdance scantraxx bass controll powerhouse jarrad peters hardstylestudio dance music australia NR GR german justin 1.Let The Beat Drop - Hardforze vs Soul-T 2.The influence - Bangerz & Masherz

This consists of some of the best footage taken during 2007. Great shufflers such as: - Mikki - Francis - Row - Sacco - Jaymie - Aiidz - and more... DaSilvaReprazentz Song Names: The album with some song names is deleted. .Dont Forget To Suscribe

50 Responses to “Sydney Rocking – 2012 Shuffle”

  1. bangerzmasherz says:

    Fuck yeah! Nice work fellas!!

  2. Osten Thorpe says:

    the song is better than your shuffling i only liked it and favorited it cuz of the song.

  3. HBPofficial says:

    Hard Bass Project has proved itself to be one of the highest growing crews popularity wise! Some of the best shufflers worldwide have gathered into HBP and now… TRYOUTS ARE OPEN! Tryouts are lasting till August 8th! Now is your chance everyone! You have the opportunity now run with it! Even if your not interested! Could you please check out others that are trying out and wish them some luck 😀
    – HBP

  4. Translation software is not good … Please forgive me !!

  5. NO NO. I ‘m Chinese.

  6. Yes i know exactly what you mean. I understand it. You are the man.. we all know

  7. HardstyleDrifta001 says:

    everyone should kno this song haha, but its soul-t & hardforze - let the beat drop

  8. 有一个特别像 许三多 !

  9. gelest colin says:

    very good video.

  10. awsome videooo

  11. Jeky Cilukba says:


  12. ShufflinClas says:

    same place as Sat Night Rock was filmed?

  13. nice job guys can you have a look at my channel and tell me what you think XD

  14. samtherealone says:

    Don’t worry about it @Enzi!! Just the fact that you know you need to practice is perfect!
    @Blake: Great shuffling! First time seeing you. You are smooth indeed.
    @Jarrad: And of course, awesome rock. I watched you do something funny where you crossed your arms in front of you. Had a laugh.

  15. nice style c:

  16. giovanni565 says:


  17. niceeeee video


  18. Cheers buddy!

  19. first song is unreal
    this is just a great vid
    – Rowen

  20. Hell Yeah! 😀
    Nice video, Jarrad.
    Blake is a good rocker.

    Greetings from Chile.

  21. TheInfurio says:

    Fk yeah Awesome Video! 😀
    Hardtrance rockin’ ftw! & Very unique spot to shuffle & record some footages!

    Amazing video!
    Keep it coming! 😀


  22. Bilguun sparKO says:

    love you guys keep rocking

  23. wahlaonousernameone says:

    i ALWAYS look forward to hardstylestudi0’s stuffzzz… only issue was the running part, looked a bit dopey

  24. yinyanghero says:

    Just shufflin in random garden lol

  25. Blake looks like he has improved heaps since that last video he was in with you 🙂

  26. MastaPain204 says:

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you cause I don’t remember their channel’s
    I’m not too sure but I think francis’s channel was basscaptivesfrancis

    like I said. not too sure

  27. are there any new vids of them? I would like to see them 😉

  28. ByARandomRPG says:

    Francis has amazing control in these socks on that floor…

  29. Epicisnotafail says:


  30. Виталий Тюмин says:

    6:00 – DJ Pulse — It’s A Dream

  31. MastaPain204 says:

    Francis and Mikki still shuffle to this day..

    They’ve just really kinda given up on it.
    For Mikki, HSK got disbanded and everyone went their seperate ways
    Francis focused more on schooling and lost his touch at shuffling, he’s not as good anymore.

  32. fartmonkey13 says:

    What song is that with Ryan at the end…I know it but can’t remember the name -.-

  33. Maximilianus Dannie says:

    No offence btw

  34. Maximilianus Dannie says:

    Lol, nice one tho im from Malaysia but i admit im still practising Melbourne shuffle…… Every time i melb shuffle ppl think im doing Mas Shuffle and keep saying “nah thats old school” -..- Damn them all

  35. ChroniXandScarcroW says:

    no top comment wow and over 2,000 coments? lol thats crazy ppl must realy need to start puting stuff that ppl will like!

  36. Aiidz is up there with francis! major title contenders1 haha

  37. and bro, we still have alot of people who melbourne, they just arent that known: BoneZ Sonikk and i think rockettt still shuffles!

  38. so? We only need those who melbourne shuffle, who cares about the others!? Their souls are lost to cali and malaysian. May they rest in peace

  39. ninjahkittehh says:

    its not only lmfao’s “new style” that everyone is doing , alot of people seems to malay &/ cali style shuffle. not that i dont like malay its just that not alot of people melbourne anymore .__. well at least i do xD

  40. it is only dead if we let this other SHIT take over, we must stand together in union! AND DEFEAT THIS LMFAO CRAP! Hardstyle 4ever!

  41. danielesquivel98 says:

    Wow wath times,if lmfao kill shuffle we will kill lmfao

  42. i remember watching this in 07 inspire me to start shuffling

  43. ninjahkittehh says:

    and no one can move like miikkki never T-step LOOOL mikki ftw!

  44. ninjahkittehh says:

    R.I.P melbourne shuffle it will ever be the same but good memories.

  45. chicks with dicks…

  46. Mattiemoom00 says:

    it’s a remix of Gary Jules’ Mad World, with a flanger effect and some generic drums..

  47. JoshuaTaekwondo says:


  48. winterSIEMA says:


  49. xXStrangerXx6 says:

    Dark by design – Mad world

  50. privatelevi says:

    Can somebody give me the name of the song that Row is dancing to?