Sorry if therez any mistakes I didnt edit some videos much because they had to fit the music orders of appearance: CHAOS-Timps OHS-Van HSM-Itaesgae S2E-Kevin...

25 Responses to “Sydney Shuffle Compilation 2”

  1. ill prove us wrong when i get my cam

  2. shufflesunboy says:

    bull shit

  3. m8 not bull shit

  4. woot 2N!!!!!!

  5. what ar these songs.

  6. ImBlackyChanYo says:

    Whats HSM-Itaesgae’s song???

  7. makipapa Ong says:

    Hey man nice Vid can i have the first Song ?? Grezz [HSW] Joku

  8. shufflesunboy says:

    i saw u kk

  9. song list plez??

  10. sighstevesigh says:

    oi i really need to no what that Songs Called?

  11. shufflesunboy says:

    wat giang sed

  12. giangyyyyy says:

    Abject – In Our Memories @ 0.46

  13. hey man nice compilation i posted a vid response have a look at you tell me
    what you think maybe i could be in one of your nxt ones 😀

  14. nah bull shit

  15. have a look at IT***

  16. ChaosShufflers says:

    Woooh go Timps 😛

  17. shufflesunboy says:

    0:45 is ‘In our memories – Abject’ 3:45 is ‘Raver – Showtek’

  18. shufflesunboy says:


  19. wtf? i didnt no i was in this O_O

  20. What is Itaesgae’s song? anything more specific then
    “harder,faster,stronger – daft punk”? only other hardstyle version ive
    heard of it is Cruz and The White – Make It Faster

  21. omfg me n ohs van shuffkle the same way n style

  22. shufflesunboy says:

    kk thx man

  23. JeffNeroHardy369 says:

    sweet mate wats the last song thanx

  24. shufflesunboy says:

    are u tyson livin in melb?

  25. LOL ty 4 makin me 1st shuffler lol i love the vid u did good