Watch in HQ Edited by mzGrk NOTE** The battle was friendly lols _____________________ it was a good mmeettupp:) enjoy mzGrk was here =) Tracklist: 0:00 - 1:11 - Ivan Carsten - Bumpin Hard (Tuneboy Mix) 1:12 - 1:40 - Brian Eddie & Kidd Kaos - Devastating 1:41 - 2:08 - Brian Eddie & Kidd Kaos - Devastating 2:09 - 2:31 - Coming Soon! 2:32 - 3:15 - Billions of B - I like that Shit (Soundpusher Remix) 3:16 - 3:52 - The Prophet - Hardstyle Baby
Video Rating: 4 / 5

finally here! shorter than expected, but great nonetheless featured shufflers include: Leo - 1:00 Firework - 1:50 Mute - 2:32 Justin - 3:20 Orlando - 4:10 Craz - 5:00 Velos - 5:40 Krash - 6:25 Subscribe for more! Like and comment as well!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 Responses to “Sydney Shuffle Meetup 10/10/09”

  1. XiteoGaming says:

    what is this? a bunch of wankers dancing around in the middle of sydney city. twats

  2. SkoobiEDewbiE says:

    MzGrk Turn Around Again I Dident See Your……. Thing On Your Back Well(;

  3. Alex Bhugon says:

    i really need the first song guys!

  4. OnlyMarsin says:

    FUCK in my opinion THE was just as good as BL this video reminded me of that. whats the font man?
    <3 marsin

  5. sweetman92 says:

    well the guy with the mask had no chance…omfg what a spin, nice done…and gratulations for your first kill 😉

  6. MrDeadPoetic says:

    what the music on edzkiez?

  7. AkatsukiUchiha13 says:


  8. iareglitchdude says:

    1:23 = PERVERT

  9. breaknrox1 says:

    why the fuck is he wearing a mask .. those spins at the end were sick, i do like 2 in a row then lose balance lol. nice

  10. lol SiiNaN in socks haha

  11. cant beat that spin buddy 😛 @3:20

  12. Stephen Schumacher says:

    SONG at 2:32??? messege me or something so i get it

  13. Good to see shuffling is still alive around there. I heard that it was dying for whatever reason down there. It’s super underground here in the US but there are a few dedicated people out here making that shit work. I’m one of them lawlz! Shuffle + Hardstyle for the fucking win. Good shit btw, nice to see a recent shuffle vid that shows a good chunk of the community.

  14. bradSEXYMUCH says:

    LOL the guy behind mz grk is looking at her ass.  dw i am to

  15. bradSEXYMUCH says:

    marko owns this vidd. and every other vid hez in

  16. AccordingtoSubstar says:

    edzkiez owned hahahaahahaa

  17. u owned that clux clan clown

  18. that kid that battled marko seemed like a dickhead lol. marko carved him up though nicely done

  19. all these white boys gettin asian hairstyles is pathetic

  20. skitzO1994 says:

    did u read the description, a GIRL edited it :L

  21. ChicAgoReMiXxX says:

    3:07! wow

  22. rofl evry1 thinks marko is da best

  23. thanks what about the last one?

  24. Billions of B – I like that Shit (Soundpusher Remix)

  25. marko your a crazy shuffler man.

  26. gradient mappin/color correcting/inverting/black and white-color restoring. there are many way lol

  27. how are you getting the filmburns to be a different color?