TAIWAN MELBOURNE SHUFFLE 墨爾本舞鬼步舞曳步舞there is some good shuffler from Taiwan HOPE YOU LIKE TAIWANESE SHUFFLER ;D shuffler in order: JASmile DavidX Claude 阿寶...
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My inspiration! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy it! Don't winge about quality or whatever. I downloaded all clips into 480p then rendered into 720p. One clip I didn't ...

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  1. 讚,奔跑很漂亮,基礎很穩!!

  2. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    G&G vs. Davis Redfield – Icey Queen (crazy1 Remix)

  3. 可以請問一下3.05那首歌名嗎? 謝謝 🙂

  4. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    wow *o* thank you!!! i’m very glad!!!!

  5. iKillborn2kilNOE says:

    I watch a good shuffle video every night and this video fit the bill. 🙂

  6. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    ya~ 之前翻影片沒有翻到非常後面..
    thank you ;)))

  7. ya 沒有我的出現

  8. sure ;P

  9. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    Avicii – Flow
    sub me? ;P

  10. 求單單那段歌:)

  11. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    這是第一位的Ultraviolence – Fr33k
    阿寶 Dj Coone – Words From The Gang
    還有^^ sub me plz!!!

  12. 可以給我阿寶 跟第1位的歌嗎??

  13. TaCoTurtleDeath says:

    ching chang chong

  14. 我要的不是緣取啦@@  就是飲片那首

  15. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    所以^^ 即將有新的remake出現

  16. 有些人沒出現

  17. 龍嘎,我想你找的是這首吧!
    David May Feat. Max Urban – Facebook Love (Feat. Nate-Ivity) (Official Video HD)

  18. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    David May Feat. Max Urban – Facebook Love (Feat. Nate-Ivity) (Official Video HD)
    搜尋這個 是原曲

  19. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    那是兩首歌的交接區段 所以其實沒有這樣的歌..^^
    也因為那是兩小時混音 所以沒有單獨一首歌的作品..

  20. 1:43那段的歌有歌名媽?

  21. 台灣讚^_^!!

  22. 有你不是應該高興嗎><''?

  23. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    應該有吧..^^ 因為我是自己慢慢摸索的

  24. Dark Knight says:


  25. natoucho57 says:

    yeaaaahh [[showEeZz]]

  26. greetings from singapore…jus love watching Traktor shuffle! so glad can finally catch more vids of him!

  27. Shuffler RincoN says:

    AGS style very good and 4ever mother fuck)

  28. Shuffler Skye says:

    My most favorite shuffler ;p

  29. Я сделал компиляцию для первого трактора ((

  30. true)

  31. digimoss963 says:

    I love russian shufflers. Their style is always amazing ^ – ^

  32. elementelntpresents says:

    2:39 – No gravity, no ground, no grip… no time, no space or physics.

  33. screwxbox7 says:

    This is awesome bro

  34. Daniel Greenleaf says:



  36. MrTodSchatten says:


  37. xXTheRelaxedXx says:

    I rofl’d on the tiger pants part xD

  38. NikhooxD Hardstyle says:

    kien haria un tutorial de kicks buenos eske no encuentro

  39. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    This is my porn c:
    P.R.O – Ecki

  40. hindleyfc says:

    Does Warner have a Youtube channel?

  41. Jakee Ramirez says:

    fuck yeah <3

  42. Nice edit !
    sub you ! sub back plz ? 🙂

  43. Derek Kirwan says:

    I really like Traktor’s shuffling, I had never thought to do that hopping on one foot and kicking to move around before until i watched this lol i’m practicing it:) Thanks for the video!

  44. Sylvester Shuffler says:

    solo from 1:56 FTW

  45. Daniel Greenleaf says:

    You’re welcome bro 😀 Of course you’re still remembered, you’re the best shuffler honestly! I’m so glad when I see new videos of you shuffling.

  46. my inspired style ;3

  47. HDATraktor says:

    Wow)))) thx for this compilation)))) I’m really glad that I still remember)

  48. Diamicron100 says:

    at 1:55 nice job 😀

  49. Daniel Greenleaf says:

    Wrong. Agressors/Russian style.