Featuring some of the best shufflers around. You tube un-synced my perfect video unfortunately. ~~~~~SONGLIST~~~~~ MusicBox - Bass.TORM Exploration of Space 2K7 (Dance Bootleg Remix) - Manox Tonight - Headhunterz, Wildstylers, Noisecontrollers 8th Wonder of The World (J!XAW Remix) - Karpe DM Pump The Bass - Alpha Twins Hardstyle God (Terror Hard Mix) - Dj Lady Dana Scantraxx Roots - Headhunterz Heatwave (Zatox Remix) - Machinehead Street Spirit - Bass Agents Into Deep (Rocco & Bass-T Remix) - Technoboy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I actually started working with editing so dont be hatin at the bad edits lol also the 3rd song is so off beat Q_Q sorry about that i usually never do that. TT just ignore it This was an okay compilation in my opinion. Comment Rate Subscribe pl0x :3 ALSO for all you hard trance luverz i made another account where i will upload HQ hard trance songs check out: /user/HardTrancEnDance plz subscribe my other acc 😀 Shufflers In Order (No Crew Tags): Jniex Hardcoke Tony kugLisch Balix Eidizzy Guii Cyber Raver Andreezy Danny Joker ELegend Hang Noxx Hekto Songlist: Alphazone - Sunrise Steve Hill Vs MDA & Spherical - Gettin High (HARD Mix) Kidd Kaos - Experiance Me DJ YSHR - Resistance Is Futile DJ Amplify - All I Want Dark By Design & SMG - Walking In The Air DJ Space Raven - Angels Lead In You In (Original Mix) DJ Amplify - Your Soul Masif DJ's - Cafe Del Mar (D10 Mix) LCK - Internal External Chemistry - Spirit (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix) Kidd Kaos & LGK3 - Its Back (Dub Mix) Kidd Kaos - Desire Is Now Backslash vs Mikkas - Want You Back (Megara vs DJ Lee Edit) Liz Kay - Castles in the Sky (Cascada Radio Edit)

50 Responses to “The Best Melbourne Shuffle Compilation [SONGLIST RELEASED]”

  1. iTzDaamon says:


  2. 123cunning says:

    rocky’s best video is hsa vs ehs

  3. 123cunning says:

    francis shuffle was fast forwarded look at the tree behind him

  4. Lachie Praed says:

    I’m glad someone else realizes -.-‘

  5. spiderskater2 says:

    dude melbourne shuffle is the accepted name for the dance becuase thats where it became huge in melbourne australia you really have no idea what it is lol if you were truly serious about that comment

  6. I wish I was good enough for comps. xD

  7. thegoodsmaster says:

    @ 0:35 seconds gut not paying attention almost got round housed

  8. Vflow is a stud

  9. the compilation is good but it would be better if there were sonic rockett & Marko

  10. OTHardstyleTO says:

    Lol at the end of mikki’s first video he ended with a spin , second video started with a spin , i like that xD

  11. Lachie Praed says:

    I’ve already answered a comment like this.

  12. Andy Chan says:

    bro if it was ” Melbourne ” Shuffle , vflow wouldnt be in it , his Sydney bro .

  13. Simon Lucas says:

    ROCKY my idol.

  14. Lachie Praed says:

    Not as in shufflers in Melbourne, but as in the dance.

  15. Arnold Schwarzeneger says:

    ”The Best Melbourne Shuffle Compilation” Vflow lives in Sydney

  16. Alex Bhugon says:

    i meant, can you make another one and i be in it ? ;3

  17. Lachie Praed says:

    this was when I first got into shuffling and saw all of the mainstream shufflers, and also I’ve never heard of a shuffler named Sonic before -.-

  18. martijnvkk says:

    nice vid
    please subscribe to me

  19. Alex Bhugon says:

    im not in it ? 🙁

  20. Lachie Praed says:

    Thanks man (:

  21. DoomSayerxxXx says:

    Damn Instintc just rapes at it…nice video

  22. JuniorRaver says:

    I’ve Seen All Of These Videos Soo Many Times, But They Still Blow Me Away.

  23. Lachie Praed says:

    I nearly put Sonic in,
    but decided to keep the file small’ish’ 😀

  24. vflow is the best
    but the sad thing is theres no sonic lol

  25. xXAkitokunXx says:

    omg vflow so good ^^

  26. dave ingleby says:

    As music change’s so does people’s style, get used to it.

  27. TheDamme94 says:

    holy shit why are people puttin so much emphasis on the glides and kicks? shuffles supposed to look smooth n slick not like goddamn im tired after just watching this guy… >.>

  28. SkratchPunkz says:

    started off in australia man and spread all over europe and every where else

  29. k00lguy105 says:

    girrls that can shuffle are hot i need to teach my raver chick lol

  30. Alvaro Cuso says:

    yes youre right lol xDDDD

  31. MrGunnnah says:

    what the fuck is that its just doin the same thing over again i dont eve know why hes in the compilation.

  32. MrGunnnah says:

    if the guy at 2:30 was faster he would be sooo badass

  33. MrGunnnah says:

    2nd guy was shit

  34. MrGunnnah says:


  35. xTMHxPRODUCTIONSx says:

    i can shuffle like the second guy

  36. it is not the real music of the video but not bad.

  37. nice compilation! 🙂
    btw what’s the song name 09:02 ??

  38. Honte francaise ! hardcoke

  39. Adrianos16 says:


  40. João Baptista says:

    2:38 Owned kkkkk

  41. GamerFreand says:

    OMG NICE !!!!! DANCE 😉

  42. 4dank2mano says:

    omg the move that guy does at 2:38 was fkn siiiiik..

  43. nick8087258 says:

    woah woah woah, i would love to be in the next one please???

  44. Zulazeri123 says:

    not really…hes just popping alot thats why it looks good

  45. je suis aussi un shuffler francais … mais moi j’aime pas me saouler a faire des montage XDD

  46. Aurrius Hsd says:

    YEaaaah Hardcoke it’s french shuffler

    tu gère ma poule

  47. Gabriel Squinca Valle says:

    5/5 + fav
    which the name of the song of 8:20?

    HTRavers | gabriel is a Hidden Fear

  48. 09HARDSTYLE09 says:

    All i Want – DJ Amplify

  49. shufflerhng says:

    oh man thank for put me 🙂


  50. Sinval Santos says:

    3:20 the BÉST