By MP|SaiKo x ------ x Like it? Comment! - ENGLISH: ATTENTION: The shufflers are not in order, this "COMPILATION" do not want to belittle anyone. Each has it...
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25 Responses to “The Best of Malaysian Shuffle COMPILATION – Part 1 by Hallz”

  1. Guuh- Ownner says:

    estilo aus é melhor 😉

  2. emmittcarlos says:

    I am that 2 one

  3. Why do they have hardstyle republic logo on then?

  4. Tristian Rodriguez says:

    Your such an idiot /.- hardstyle is different….this is the ORIGINAL malaysian not that stupid ass slow beat Cali- style shit you see. Malaysian was originally danced to hardstyle music until swag fags took over

  5. davidlfk19 says:

    Dis is hardstyle dumbass not malaysian

  6. rafael ozzy says:

    o-chib god of shuffle malasian!!!

  7. Senia Barrios says:

    ummmm ? .___. i was expecting malay cali style

  8. TKE Joker says:

    @LowkeyAssDropps x Hardstyle is Malaysian MAS! Until you Cali swag kids fucked it up hard. Get your shit straight man. Cali style is just a bunch of stomping drama queens.

  9. Jack Saba says:

    These shufflers are from MALAYSIA. To be honest id retitle this to MAS style so people wont get confused

  10. Anthony Fonseca says:

    this is malaysian sike this shit is boo boo this hardstyle go to my channel i will show you malaysian

  11. you’re from cali I guess. this is the real deal that you guys ripped off

  12. joe96tapout says:

    where do u learn malaysian i cant find good tutorials

  13. MAS Shuffling in Phat Pants Looks Fucking Epic. (^_^)

  14. 1st song name?

  15. NightToxX says:

    @BeastEhtUp4Me  Ultraform & Sinith & Geck o -Surrounded By Three 0001 (sry too late haha :D)

  16. fabricio souza says:

    song list?

  17. Can you put up a song list please?

  18. eddy31248 says:

    @ikilledJacob I know you commented on this video a long ass time ago, but just to clarify- this is the original Malaysian. The one from MALAYSIA-Hence malaysain shuffle. The one everyone does in the U.S. Is the rip off version of this one, the original Malaysian used hardstyle. Just saying, before you go out looking stupid lol.

  19. DarkLadyC96 says:

    berts FTW!

  20. elivanovich ramirez says:

    i can doo betterr thann thatt

  21. its all shuffle…melbourne shuffle,malasyian shuffle….
    its all the same,but all of us have different styles
    keep shuffling!

  22. imingunit1 says:

    wtf are you on drugs?

  23. atawalpaz says:

    Wtf this ain’t malasian.!!

  24. ikilledJacob says:

    learn the difference between shuffles cuz this aint malaysian

  25. BeastEhtUp4Me says:

    Song At 2:50?