Edit by: Dumpling. Yes, An Electro Compilation, This time, I(Dumpling) was bored so I asked simon "Should we create a Electro Compilation?" He said Yes! So, ...

Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #3 ~- EyZox

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46 Responses to “The Electro Shuffle Compilation(SONGLIST RELEASED!)”

  1. maltaman1997 . says:

    Top edit for 2009 video man

  2. Kimberly Noches says:

    Hello! Can you Guys check out my solo shuffle vid on my channel? It would help if you gave some advice on how to be better or if its ok! Thanks!

  3. looks cool and different! very new to me how you move with ur legs, definitely gonna try that out. BUT just my opinion: a little too much *pointing in random directions* at some parts, but otherwise really good job!:)

  4. Hophop1228 says:

    rockett’s electro shuffle was soooooo goood, and his hand movements are just crazyy

  5. Divex shuffler says:

    electro shuffle its Damn old guys dont hate it cuz its something ” new ” its so old this stuyff theres a video in 2007 that a australian guy its shufflin to electro its not always hardstyle

  6. Divex shuffler says:

    this stuff its verry old n by old i mean that back then the melb shuffle use this stuff of to much t-steps but verry Damn cool

  7. msthekissable says:

    Yes, sorry for the late reaction, but I want to learn it better than I can already do now

  8. gustavoreyes47 says:

    On electro kissable ??

  9. msthekissable says:

    Does anyone know a good tutorial?

  10. its all the same just some tweaked steps;)

  11. EarpollutionSML says:

    i always wanted to electro shuffle seems 2009 but i learned Hardstyle 😀 eather way i still combine some foot work and do some crazy shit lol

  12. ItsKillgore says:

    Isabella sure does know how to make it bounce !

  13. widget220 says:

    WHY?!?! My legs don’t want to do the awesome things they do ;w; It’s so hard.

  14. ljkDICKJUSTICE says:

    isabella is the shit.

  15. this intro took over 9000 years to get to the shuffling

  16. guster781 says:

    nice check my vids out

  17. Cassidy Horvath says:

    1:09 > play button

  18. CsrJonathaan says:


  19. RiceMixersXD says:

    Sorry mate, This was created in 2009 not 2011.

  20. Punahele Kaahanui says:

    i should be in this compilation, just saying, my electro shuffle is good enough lol 😀

  21. isabella should wear a bra her tits are jumping arouuuuund

  22. jamie walsh says:

    Hey bra, ever heard of the saying Shuffle to express, not impress? So what if your better, shuffling isn’t a competition.

  23. brandon lawton says:

    i like the moves but the video quality is a bit blurry.

  24. Darkiller2010 says:

    musica buona il balletto bello ma non ci azzecca kon la musica..

  25. SSP///KaPi says:

    Miszel is the best<333333333333333

  26. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    Thanks bro ^^
    It’s ok now :p

  27. Rezza Ricky says:

    bro it’s you’re not your are on my channel .. but nice video 🙂 *sub and like

  28. yeah man
    thanks for add
    nic ecomp xp
    😀 like

  29. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    thx 🙂
    I put your channel into the description 😉


  30. Lalo Beastwardo says:

    Thanks for the add bro! 😀
    Really digging the comp! :}
    my youtube: /Beastwardo

  31. Fevr Vicious says:

    Billy Was My Favorite

  32. 45wf24twsg34tg3r45 says:

    this is the first compilation i’ve ever been in! Thankyou so much for adding me 🙂

  33. KForKaresz says:

    daaammmm! beast ass video! my favorite so far! <3
    thanks to put me in this, means alot!
    Karesz OTM

  34. Nachen Castañares says:

    YAAAAAY Kolzza !

  35. HardstyleTonic says:

    nice compilation with good shufflers :))) liked

  36. Chris Kolodychuk says:

    Thanks so much bro ! *–*
    I love you <3
    Great comp ! All astounding shufflers.
    - Kolzza

  37. NisOneProd says:

    Nice compilation man^^ good edit:З
    Thank you very much put me in it 🙂
    Keep up the good work)

    SKZZ| No1se

  38. MiszelOfficial says:

    really great compilation 😀 Thanks for put me there

  39. Miszel :3

  40. sniperchild007 says:

    Great vid glad to see some new faces finaly coming out in videos

  41. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    I always make compilation with differents shufflers ^^

  42. Super compile, encore !

  43. Dennis Olesen says:

    WOW! FINALY A COMPLIATION WITH DIFFRENT SHUFFLERS!. I enjoyed it man.! Keep em comming.!

  44. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    J’affiche les vidéos taggées avec “Melbourne Shuffle” par date et non par pertinence, et je fais ma petite sélection comme ça ^^ Je prend celle qui sont pour moi les meilleurs 😀
    Dès que j’arrive a 10 vidéos, je fais une compile 😉

    Donc en plus d’être des shufflers qu’on ne voit pas partout, leurs vidéos sont récentes 🙂

  45. C’est bien, ce ne sont pas des danseurs que tout le monde fouent dans leurs compil.
    Bah pour ton edit rien à dire, bandant !
    GG un max

  46. Mr.Internet says:

    NO firsts allowed >:(