READ THIS FIRST* Sorry for the Bad quality, my first video I ever made so yeah, least I can do is give you a song list: Rock Civilization - Headhunterz Cont...
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22 Responses to “The Epic Shuffle Compilation”

  1. BloodLinesRed says:

    Shuffling is epic, if you can even shuffle, congrats. Yer epic. Sliding on
    the ground has never looked so cool. xD

  2. McManager says:

    Mother of God, it’s like he’s just walking on ice.

  3. danoninho72 says:

    Everything is epic except the quality

  4. Saori san says:

    I came here to see Mikki.

  5. spinachcookie says:

    240p FTW

  6. Riot can shuffle says:


  7. AppleBraeburn says:

    At 2:00 it looks like he slaps himself

  8. Daniel McIntyre says:

    I like how glitchy the first vid is would have been great with better sound
    quality, but eh at least you tried

  9. XxDragoNxBladexX says:

    My teacher was nice today.

  10. Aedan O'Shea says:

    2:00 thats pretty shit

  11. @spinachcookie Haha! Your in this!!! That’s how epic you are. ;P

  12. XxDragoNxBladexX says:

    Im going to summer school.

  13. matthewpwn4 says:

    wanna know a better quality thing to record other then what ur using? a

  14. skylar0606 says:


  15. Hard Movement|KiiLU says:


  16. Da Lawd Cheesus says:


  17. Mario Ramonti says:

    Who’s the first? O.O He really seems to walk on ice

  18. PutteCantShuffle says:

    Uploaded at my birthday FTW!

  19. Ikilledbenladen says:

    In order : Mikki, Rocky, Reece, Daniel, Some no-name, Mikki again, Francis,
    Moonboy, Francis again, William, Spinachcookie,

  20. blueblitz19 says:

    bad quality at begginging

  21. XxDragoNxBladexX says:

    I made our class watch this I can shuffle. I shall practice today if I can.

  22. XxDragoNxBladexX says:

    My friend karson makes videos I might go to summer school.