This is my list of the top 10 best hardstyle shufflers. This is just my opinion. List of shufflers: 10. MoonBoy (Just because of the age he started at) 9. Instinct 8. Rocky 7. Milli 6. David 5. Daniel 4. SpinachCookie 3. Francis 2. Sacco 1. Mikki This list is organized by who I prefer to watch that never gets old. Songlist coming after I hunt them down. Songlist so far: THIS IS THE INTRO SONG: Frontliner - DiscoRecord 10. SMF - Hahaha 9. Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space 8. Technoboy - Into Deep (DJ Slideout Remix) 7. The Hose - I Survived 6. 2 Playaz - Tune 5. HeadHunterz - D-Tuned 4. Bass Agents - Black Winter 3. Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia 2. DJ Hixxy - Summer Sensation 1. Multiple Songs: Patrick Bunton - Young Birds - DJ Gius - V for Venusian - Technoboy - Guns n' Roses (Not quite sure about this one just yet) KAT - Gimme Da Bass

25 Responses to “Top 10 Shufflers Compilation (Will Update Soon)”

  1. mirco endres says:

    whats the song from 2.29?

  2. OedieBawz says:

    and i do respect and watch unrated shufflers

  3. OedieBawz says:

    okay maybe not the best but no one can beat that shuffling clip where he shuffles on dark oscilators – sterophobia (i cant spell), those moves are so smooth and shit its crazy but besides that hes just like some others

  4. TheFrostHydra says:

    Overrated shufflers will never be best. I think plenty of people are sick of watching top 10 videos where things that get way too much credit are in the #1 slot.

  5. TheFrostHydra says:

    They’re cousins if I remember correctly, couldn’t go wrong either way. I like Mikki because of how he kept his right hand and right foot the exact same distance apart from each other during his two kicks from 7:21 to 7:23

    It’s somewhere between those two times but it’s very obvious what I’m mentioning. For some reason that double kick is amazing to me.

  6. TheFrostHydra says:


  7. TheFrostHydra says:

    There’s already a tracklist, read the description.

  8. track list please.

  9. Jose Handal says:

    its all same shit…

  10. xiDerezzed says:

    Francis, Rocky, Mikki, Sacco top 4 not in that order

  11. xiDerezzed says:

    all you fucktards who think that lmfao invented shuffling just go hang yourself right now

  12. skrillexoutsparkFAN says:

    to me itz hard to pick between mikki and sacco DX i need time to think this out >.<

  13. OedieBawz says:

    francis should be 1

  14. TheFrostHydra says:

    Jboi is actually going to be in my next vid, I got his HR Acceptance video’s HD version saved before Scantraxx claimed copyright on it for some odd reason.

  15. bloodcrazed11 says:

    y’all check out my video hope u like it tell yo friends bout it

  16. HardStyle5990 says:

    #8 – Rocky
    #6 – David
    WTF? FAIL?!

  17. Ikilledbenladen says:

    @ThePatr7026 : Stop wasting your time. Hes a (bad) melbourne shuffler just a troll

  18. ChOnnYPuFfs says:

    you know that this person knows close to nothing about shuffling when they place rocky at 8th, and spinach whatever at 4th..

  19. Vanchin Garmaev says:


  20. Agent007inMetin2 says:

    jumpp ssttylee

  21. what type of music is this??

  22. tbilisicentralv2 says:

    whats with the pants?

  23. Christian Jones says:

    The first dude hahahhahahahahah

  24. WHERE IS JBOI!?!?!?

  25. ThePatr7026 says:

    LMFAO did not exist in the 80’s -.- they where formed in 2006. So again get your facts right, stupid cunt.. *sight* im wasting my time on a uneducated brat.