READ THE DESCRIPTION:........... This was already part of my channel, someday would have to do a compilation, and it is this year. This tribute is ...
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25 Responses to “Top 18 Melbourne Shuffle & HardStyle Compilation 2013 | The New Generations”

  1. :/ ok thanks for your review <3

  2. Joshua Ritter says:

    Great video. Nice clean editing. Can really tell you like your music and pay attention to whats going on in the video. Most “best ofs” Ive seen are so clunky and the music doesnt flow with the dance. I would have like to hear more bass’y music. But wonderful job!

  3. Dimitris DjZachos says:

    i joined the community guys 😉

  4. Keep jumpstyle music with jumpstyle, like that clacky sounds so UGLY on melbourne shuffle videos! Where the fuck is the bass!

  5. fadedbannana says:

    of course Dude! i am a beginner and Can you pls sub me or watch my videos i make in the next weeks a new video with hardstyle PS:I’m 12 And sorry for my bad Englisch

  6. bruno pedro says:

    nao me canso de  assistir seus videos dança muito ta de parabens irmao

  7. bruno pedro says:

    queria poder divulgar eles adoro muito mesmo seus videos dança muito ta de parabens irmao

  8. carlos adel ponce gonsalez says:

    yo tambn pero el problema esq q cuando renderiso un video solo c rendirisa el intro o una pekeña parte del video tu tuviste ese problema q o m recomieendas para q los renderise todo]??

  9. Sony Vegas PRO 11

  10. carlos adel ponce gonsalez says:

    que editor de video usas men??

  11. Bayu Prakoso says:

    subscribe !

  12. obrigado irmao s2

  13. bruno pedro says:

    adoro seus videos adoro muito

  14. kas9556hoihoi says:

    I love AUS^^

  15. TechnoCraver15 says:

    Her style… (._. )?

  16. muchas gracias *–* <3

  17. WTF? this is for me? xD?

  18. xD? what?

  19. thanks brother 🙂

  20. thanks 😀

  21. keep practicing like everyone else and someday you will be also very good <3 Good Luck brother ;3

  22. :DDDDD  well spoken brother

  23. thanks brother :3

  24. yes T0ny is great shuffler

  25. yes Phungus Fuck Yeah *—* I love her style Relax