This is my final compilation so i wanted to make it big. PART 2 COMING OUT SOON!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Ultimate Hardstyle Shuffle Compilation Part 1”

  1. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    @btshuffle thank you bro

  2. KingsleySHUFFLE says:

    SICK Subbed KaozOver Kingzley 😀

  3. Alex Bhugon says:

    :3 thanks bro SS//Sonikk

  4. joe96tapout says:

    wats the song list

  5. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    @Al3xCantShuffle sall right 😀

  6. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    @AshiiE100 thank you 😀 spread it plz 😀

  7. ccshufflers says:

    thanks for puting me in but im not in hrb. lol

  8. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    @ccshufflers yeah haha sorry about that oi um i heard one of your mixes
    they are pree siick

  9. Gizmo Hernandez says:

    Goddamn HSR Vide is Tall Af!

  10. song list man!

  11. thats last guy “henry” he was gliding omfg !

  12. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    D’ Stylerz – The Dreams 🙂

  13. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    @KingsleySHUFFLE haha thanks man

  14. Rebecca Eragon says:

    good for getting many video for making compilation. but where is the song

  15. ooh thanks or putting me in 🙂 nice compliation ! 😀

  16. Dylan Prenzler says:

    This was uploaded on my birthday <3

  17. Nic Wakeman says:

    Thanks for putting me in (Y)

  18. great choice you made bro, very good shufflers:) like it!! ~Escape~