Ultimate Shuffle Compilation V.13

13 in the series For tracklist, please use Soundhound: http://oc3d.net/33.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Ultimate Shuffle Compilation V.13”

  1. KosKryptonyte says:

    hahah you out the old as video of us were we are all just mucking around
    not shuffling good :L (me shuffling in panda hat :L )

  2. fritzboxwlan2 says:

    @GstylezJumps thx man 🙂 yes that is really me 🙂

  3. GlobalMusicStage says:

    @luhamay Thanks! No need for thumbs up now 🙂

  4. Ultimate9D says:

    Bouncy is PRO

  5. Shooti1000 says:

    ist f*****g nice dude THANKS 😉

  6. WildThingATHF says:

    Song at 12:22??

  7. Jaytee Bonilla says:

    Girl at 12:40 nom nom nom nom nom

  8. Samantha Kell says:

    youre gonna need a tracklist <3 jus sayin 😉

  9. jawden.dawg. says:

    @Ultimate9D Damn Straight !!!!!!!!! :))

  10. GstylezJumps says:

    Random Question: Can Fat People Shuffle?

  11. GstylezJumps says:

    @fritzboxwlan2 dude if those videos are yours youa are a muthafuckin beast

  12. Peter Cabanes says:

    hey can u list the name of those songs for me plzz?

  13. Carlos Farid Lizcano Paez says:

    q asco

  14. black06spec says:

    Sick!!! Tracks

  15. omg 30:43 very nicee

  16. @madeinperu11 15 minutes is the video, 15 is the mix

  17. SinfulShufflerz says:

    holy hell man half an hr 0.o thats insane

  18. Jaytee Bonilla says:

    Goosebumps watching this 😀

  19. WildThingATHF says:

    I shall make a video very soon in hopes to be in the 14th compilation

  20. the first one was a bitch, also when you see T1M shuffle , you will notice
    that everyone else sucks

  21. @ihumppies she can’t even dance ,but you’re right nom nom nom nom nom 😛

  22. Will Shield says:

    Could you add a tracklist to the description pretty please with a pair of
    headphones on top?

  23. Alexis Montoya says:

    hey!! checkout my new vid and tell me if i can be in your next comp? thanks
    ^_^ Alej

  24. Ultimate9D says:


  25. kickyous123 says:

    at 15:42 great effect