A Compilation of all the Welsh Shufflers! Featuring: -Sean -Davo -SparkZ -Jozh -Kyle -Willis -NuMa -QuinnyPOO -ReFlex -Wakeyy -Dewitt PART 2 coming soon!
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10 Responses to “Welsh Melbourne Shuffle Compilation (Range Of Styles) PART 1”

  1. nice compilation… like (y) check my channel HK | Arkanciel

  2. Fading Light says:

    there needs to be an american comp, the world thinks we suck XD

  3. Aurora Productions says:

    Wow all of you suck. Get good. Jkjk xDD Welsh shufflers are fucking sick!
    Good on ya mates! Nice edit also!

  4. Ryan Doyle says:

    Fairplay Quinny actually goes well to that nikki kiss part great
    compilation CP | HD | ReFlex

  5. whoever edited it, i like it… 🙂 its sexy also the tracklist would be
    great to 🙂 thanks, -Billson

  6. Twinkie Shuffle says:

    nice compilation songs list please

  7. Sylvester Shuffler says:

    finally compilation with less wess well known shuffles.

  8. Kamikaze Ismani says:

    gaddamn hard man. me likey.

  9. Vnice 🙂

  10. David Phelps says:

    Very well put together bro, glad to be in this1 – NuMa