Compilation of Wingzero616. All videos and songs used are here in the description, along with links to all of them on youtube. Be sure to sub him and me 😀 -- Wing ~ --- Videos Used ~Extreme Overdrive~ --- ~SupaDupaFly~ --- ~Melodic Hurricane~ --- [TR] Twlight Shuffle --- --- Songs Used Dj 666 - Supadupafly (Vinylshakerz Remix) ~ 2pm - Tetris ~ Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift (Hardstyle Remix) ~ Paxi - Fixi (Deepforces Remix) ~ Dark-E - Gods and Symbols (Noisecontrollers Mix) ~ Brennan Heart - We are Possessed (Headhunterz Mix) ~ Brennan Heart ft. Shanokee - Home (Blademasterz Mix) ~ --- DISCLAIMER- I own no songs or videos used in this video. All videos and songs used are linked above, as well as names of the creaters/artists of each.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Wing Shuffle Compilation”

  1. DJbasshunterDJ says:

    I wan’t some tutorial ))

  2. Nathaniel Taylor says:

    no offense good vid and all but he looks like hes doing cwalk

  3. Ikilledbenladen says:

    Dammit hes good.

  4. vGameplayVideos says:

    Dude you are awesome ! 🙂

  5. lonelymike01 says:

    my inspiration =)

  6. Fuck, Ist das Nice <3

  7. L O A M O Y M E E N C A N T A !!!

  8. World champion.

  9. jordan murray says:

    hey wing do you think you can check out my shuffle videos i need to improve alot lol been doing it for 9 months now and had to self teach myself im the only person in my area that does it could use some help lol would be much appreciated if you check them out:)

  10. Splintercell142 says:

    du musst ihn auf seinem originalen acc glaub ich fragen heißt WingZero616

  11. Ich shuffle schon ca. 2 Jahre, aber hauptsächlich “normales Shufflen” also kein Melbourne.
    Kann es sein dass du ein bisschen C-Walk und Breakdance ins Shufflen reingebracht hast?^^
    Mein running man sieht auch nicht so gut aus, du machst den irgendwie so Breakdance mäßig und wiederholst den auch, könntest du mir Tipps geben wie du das machst?
    Danke im Vorraus 😉

  12. shufflenwhat says:

    who can dislike his shuffle it is sooo clean and elite he mastered his style!!

  13. Frank Cordoba says:

    super different and a very relaxed shuffle, i like very much, its different and a unique style. good job 😀

  14. Randelle Ratt says:

    Hahahahah i like what you put into this man i can dance to this, i am a good dancer i have some vid’s to

  15. XAngelEyes89X says:

    Ich steh auf so vieles 😀 … aber das ist echt der knaller … also jop

  16. also mainstream mit hardstyle beat das dein ding? Oo

  17. ever imagined shuffling to hard techno/schranz? do it! load up some video with that kinda music pls 🙂

  18. XAngelEyes89X says:

    haha … Wing einfach nur geil … und die Mukke is der hammer hast mal wieder voll ins schwarze bei mir getroffen …

  19. @Highlandtuna true dat

  20. LectricWutevr says:

    sweet vid

  21. Ibem Manifesto says:

    wing looks great if he use his hatrick 😛 , so not bad at all 😉

  22. MultipleGirl420 says:

    I tihnk this is one of my favorite shufflers ever. Love the style!

  23. Hs2theHeart says:

    Please check out my videos!!! i have been shuffling for about 3 years and im 14 🙂