Melbourne Shuffler DVD

The "Melbourne Shuffler" Documentary DVD

Dance music has spread across the world transcending religious & racial barriers connecting to the hearts and souls of millions.

People have always felt the rhythm of music and have as a result evolved countless dance styles throughout the ages.

Beginning in the late 80's in Melbourne's underground dance music party scene, a revolutionary freestyle dance began to grow and has now developed into the most unique and robust underground dance style since the birth of Breakdancing.

The Melbourne Shuffle has no set steps but encourages individuality and imagination, incorporating dance moves from numerous styles such as miming, popping & locking, liquid and breaking.

But the basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been the footwork either performed sliding left to right, on the spot or in a triangular movement, but is evolving everyday.

Known as "Rocking" to the Melbourne locals, the name Melbourne Shuffle has been derived from overseas visitors and the media trying to describe this phenomenon.

Double Disc DVD Set (80 minute feature plus over 220 minutes of special features)

The "Melbourne Shuffler" CD Soundtrack

2-Disc DVD

78 minute feature with over 3 hours of bonus material

Produced: Underground Epidemic Productions

This powerful new documentary explores the phenomenon that is the Melbourne Shuffle, interviewing DJs from around the world but, more importantly, letting the music, movement and the words of the Rockers themselves speak.



Main Feature - Melbourne Shuffler Documentary

Day In the Life of DJ Ben Kakoschke

Red Light Raving

Trinfinity Animation Showcase


Extra Dance Footage

Extra Interviews

Extra Bluescreen Footage

Party Organisation Advice

Cybafaeries Promo - 'Mel-ben Shuffle' Footage '92 - '94

Multi-angle DJ Tips - Samples from Master Kaos' Master Class

Melbourne Shuffler Trailer

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